3 Weeks To Wedding & I’m Confused! Please Advise Me

I could be happy now but the next minute, she changes mood all of a sudden. We dated for over year after someone match make us but this mood swing things continued overtime so sometimes I get confused even as i really tried managing the pressure. She’s a nice girl, takes good care of me, buys clothes, cooks, always wants me to look good but the problem is the rate which she switches mood easily.

Financially, we are both average earner but I think she earns better pay than me.

For instance, recently we got a new apartment – 2bedroom flat but whenever I say something she doesn’t like or she doesn’t want to hear, she just reacts like why would I say such a thing. All the while we were dating, we never stayed with each other as we stayed in our parents house. Fast forward* most times, as the man, after switching mood, I try to pacify her by petting and apologising but she doesn’t just want to listen.

Just today, we were playing with each other on the bed, touching each other (not sensitive part) and she wanted me to kiss her. So I told her jokingly that “but you know this is not biblical” as an advocate of no sex until after marriage. I have never had sex with her either. The next thing she said, “why are you talking like this” she stood up, went straight to the sitting room and slept there. I went to meet her there to pacify her again but she wouldn’t listen.

Please note that I have not and can never beat or abuse her cos I’m a Christian.

I’m just tired. She’s really getting on my nerves. Our wedding is 3 weeks time but I dont just know what to do. People, friends and family are already aware of the impending marriage but I’m afraid that if a lady can switch mood like this, who knows what will happen tommorrow. I cant sleep in peace…

Please advice. This is happening right now.

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