Alleged Hate Speech: “Rant HQ” Faces Shutdown As Igbo Members Revolt.

Popular interactive Facebook group RANT HQ today faced devastating attack from its members of Igbo extraction. This is because of what they termed “Hate Speech” attached to a derogatory anti-tribal post made by its founder SUZAN ADE COKER.

Ade Susan Coker

The post dated May 15 2020 caused uncontrollable outrage within the Igbos in the group and beyond, leading to majority of them calling for mass action. This led to many of them “reporting” the group to have gone against community standards.

The controversial post by Susan Ade Coker

Later in the day, Facebook temporarily shut the group down, even though services were later restored. It is not yet clear whether Facebook is done with reviewing the group practices to take the final action.

The action by Susan who has been severally accused of tribal bigotry, high-handedness and gross arrogance, has drawn wide condemnation from members, with many calling for her to apologize to the Igbos. This she is yet to do as at press time. Meanwhile the “REPORT AND EXIT” order by the Igbo members is still ongoing . shall keep you posted as the drama unfold.

RANT HQ which is also the owners of “ranthqblog” boasts of over 1.4million Facebook members.

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11 Responses


    She must be idiot. Thatgroup need to shot down

  2. Victor says:

    I wish they will cut her feathers short small by shutting down that page completely so she go get sense small.

  3. Prince Tosko Chuks says:

    This one sweet my belle

  4. Umesegha Samuel says:

    I love this

  5. Obinna says:

    Her comments were so derogatory and must not allowed to go unpunished. She bite more than she can shew.

  6. Veronifeoma says:

    Oh chimo! …..good for her, onye ofe mmanu