AMICHI IGWESHIP TUSSLE: Factional Umeorimili Family Writes Amichi PG, Explains Reasons for “Recalling” Igwe Ofobuike.

As controversy continues to follow the alleged crowning of a new Igwe in Amichi community, the factional Umeorimili family meeting who initiated the process has written to the president general of Amichi Development Union (ADU) Chief Cletus Udebuani, offering more clarifications on what informed their action.

The lengthy letter enumerated a number of alleged “offenses” committed by Igwe Alphonsus Ofobuike Ezeoke which made them to recall him as the royal family and nominate his brother Chief Afamefuna Ezeoke as his replacement to the throne.

The letter reads:

Chief Cletus Igbokwe,
The President General,
Amichi Development Union, Amichi, Nnewi South LGA,
Anambra State.



Dear sir,

Below and with documents attached are the issues Umeorimili Ezeoke family had and still having with HRH, Igwe Alphonsus Oforbuike, that led to the family decision to RECALL him before he causes irreparable damage to our family and our great town, Amichi.

As nature abhors vacum, Umeorimili family held teleconference on Monday, 22/08/2022, with following members present;

  • Rev. Fr. Ferdinand William Ume-Ezeoke(chairman).
  • Elder Alphonsus Obijiofor Ume-Ezeoke(only surviving son of Umeorimili).
  • Engr. Obiefuna Geoffrey Ezeoke(chairman emeritus).
  • Senior Ugochukwu William Ume-Ezeoke(leader cobra squad).
  • Elder Chiedozie Geoffrey Ezeoke(Sec/PRO).
  • Prince Chukwuemeka Fada Ume-Ezeoke(member cobra squad).
  • Prince Okechukwu Jazzman Williams Ume-Ezeoke.
  • His Excellency, Chief Prince Afamefuna Luke Ume-Ezeoke(Ezike Obiadada).
  • Prince Osondu Julius Ume-Ezeoke.
  • Prince Ezennia Pius Ume-Ezeoke.
  • Prince Mbanefo Dunga Ume-Ezeoke.
  • Prince Madubugwu Matthew Ume-Ezeoke.
  • Arc. Prince Ugochukwu Julius Ume-Ezeoke.
  • Prince Sunday Matthew Ume-Ezeoke.
  • Prince Chijioke Julius Ume-Ezeoke.
  • Prince Obinani Fada Ume-Ezeoke.
  • Prince Ibekwe Luke Ume-Ezeoke.
  • Prince Arinze Fada Ume-Ezeoke.
  • Apostle Prince Onyeka Dunga Ume-Ezeoke.
  • Prince Chukwunonso Obijiifor Ume-Ezeoke.
    We unanimously agree to replace HRH, Igwe Oforbuike Ezeoke, with His Excellency, Chief Prince Afamefuna Luke Ume-Ezeoke, Ezike Obiadada, as the traditional ruler of Amichi ancient kingdom and Ugwuochi clan. THE ISSUES.
  • HRH Igwe Alphonsus Oforbuike Ezeoke renegade on the firm promise he made to Umeorimili family and the good people of Amichi that he will relocate from United States to live amongst his people once he was crowned and received his certificate from Anambra State government. He is still living in United States of America till date, 18 years later.

He insulted all the Nnewi South traditional rulers. This led to him been suspended by them indefinitely. This has affected Amichi negatively as Nnewi South Igwes have suspended attending functions in Amichi and sharing information with Amichi that bothers with customs and traditions. They levied huge fine on him which he had refused to pay. Some citizens of Amichi have been pleading with the traditional rulers to temper justice with mercy, as it’s the good people of Amichi that are been punished for the indiscretions of an individual.

  • HRH Igwe Alphonsus Oforbuike Ezeoke is an attorney, with license to practice law in Nigeria and at State of Texas in United States of America. He understands clearly what an order of court is, but he chose to ignore an order by high court of Nnewi, restraining him and his agents from stopping or disrupting the burial ceremony of Mrs. Theresa Williams Ume-Ezeoke by her children, family members, inlaws, friends and well wishers. In contempt, disrespect and total disregard to order of the court, Igwe Oforbuike issued his own counter order to late Mrs. Theresa’s family not to bury her in her house, with a threat to exhume her body if they do so. He mobilized his thugs, numbering over 100, armed with axes, cutlasses, daggers, guns and other dangerous weapons, led by Eric Lawrence Ume-Ezeoke to close the compound gate, fell trees and prevent free flow of mourners. Thank God security personnels were on ground to prevent destruction of lives and properties that Igwe Oforbuike and his thugs planned. Attached are the court order, Igwe Oforbuike letter to late Mrs. Theresa’s family, application letter to police by late Mrs Theresa family requesting for protection, photograph of gate closed by Eric Lawrence Ume-Ezeoke and photo of priests locked out of the compound.
  • HRH Igwe Alphonsus Oforbuike Ezeoke ran one of the most vicious and sophisticated organized criminal enterprise in Houston Texas. His criminal gang specialized in insurance scams, credit card frauds, car theft, diamond smuggling, hard drug dealings, social security fraud, and so on. According to Houston Chronicle of July 22, 2011, he was arrested with other nine members of his gang members by Houston Police Department(HPD), while three of his gang members escaped, after years of surveillance by HPD. Names of those he was arrested with were, his second in command, Benjamin Mbonu. Others were Luis Jose Galvan, Micheal Alan Koris, Senaida Salgado, Deidamia Perez, Alberto Avila, Jason Nixon, Christopher Keith, and Jessica Rivera. Igwe Oforbuike was made to wear ankle bracelet equiped with GPS to restrict his movements.
    Follow below link to read more about arrest and detention of HRH Igwe Alphonsus Ezeoke by Huston Police Department.
  • He sent armed thugs, numbering over thirty, led by one Eric Lawrence Ume-Ezeoke, to attack the Catholic bishop of Nnewi Diocese, His Lordship Jonas Benson Okoye and workers at the leper colony in Amichi. Eric and his thugs chased them away, destroyed some of the work done and carted away the workmen tools and implements. It was the timely intervention of the military at the Onusoluogu junction that enabled the bishop and the workers at the leper colony construction site to escape with their lives.
  • As sending thugs were not enough, Igwe Oforbuike called Bishop Okoye on the phone to rain unprintable abuses on him. His Lordship cut the call when he could not take it anymore.
  • When the Anglican Bishop of Amichi, Bishop Ikeakor, who is God sent to our town, preached against the notorious uka eke festival and the ills associated with it, and adviced it should be scrapped. Igwe Oforbuike abused him for trying to get involved with what he called the traditions of the town. He said he should not come from Umuchu to tell him what to do in his town.
  • Igwe Oforbuike set up armed gang that he uses for intimidation, kidnapping and other criminal activities. His gang kidnapped security personnel that were employed by Umeorimili family to guard their homes in the village. His gang also kidnapped one Mayor Jeff Okeke, stripped him naked and beat him mercilessly as they demand for ransom. He was lucky to escape with his life and investigation to that is still on going at Police Force Headquarters in Abuja.
  • Igwe Oforbuike’s thugs, led by Eric Lawrence Ume-Ezeoke, attacked Chukwuemeka Matthew Ume-Ezeoke at the site where he was building his house. The beat him blue and black and destroyed things in the building site worth millions of naira. The case is still been investigated at Forces Headquarters in Abuja and there are ongoing criminal and civil cases.
  • He prevented INNOSON from erecting a vehicle manufacturing plant in our town, Amichi, that would have brought thousands of jobs and development.
  • He scuttled efforts of Chief Eric Umeofia, ERISCO, from setting up a tomato processing factory in Amichi, denying our youths of employment opportunities and robbing our town development that would have come with it.
  • He fought our President General emeritus, Chief Daniel Ugwumba, over N20m develop ment fund Amichi received from Anambra state. Because Igwe Oforbuike wanted the agreed hall to be built in a particular place as against the generally preferred location, he went to Awka to block disbursement of the fund. This delayed the project and hampered further state grants to Amichi.
  • He scuttled our town president general elections many times but for the intervention God Almighty, Prof. Soludo, our amiable governor, commissioner for local government and chieftaincy affairs and the good people of our great town, whose steadfastness and resolve led to your devine emergence. To God be the glory.Igwe Oforbuike wanted to foist an unpopular candidate that he supports to emerge as the PG. as against you, the overwhelmed choice of the people. Your landslide victory attest to that.
  • Igwe Oforbuike has politicized security in Amichi. The effect is insecurity in our town. Our sons and daughters are afraid to come back home. Traditional marriages are held in the cities now. Many even bury their dead outside.
  • He is the only Igwe unashamedly, parade around women of easy virtue around in his official engagements as Igwe, in very rare occasions he visits our town. He has abandoned his Lolo and children in far away foreign land, over his prefered association with lowlife women. He has desecrated the throne of his ancestors and has brought curse upon his head and the land as a result. We are arranging serious prayers from eminent men and women of God to lead us in fasting and prayer that will destroy all iniquities that has befallen our land over his atrocious acts.
  • His divisive attitude have adversely affected everyone, starting from Umeorimili family, Ezeoke family, Obiagu, Didi, Okpala and Amichi. All are divided because of Igwe Oforbuike.
  • He has insulted most stakeholders in our town and the resultant effect of that is there is little or no development coming into our town. Notable amongst them are;
    (1) Chief Chidi Anyaegbu, Okeiyi Amichi, Chairman, CHISCO group of companies, who Igwe Oforbuike called a MONSTER and RITUALIST. Okeiyi instituted over a billion naira law suit against him and they are both in court.
    (2) Chief Simon Nsobundu Okeke, Former chairman, Police Service Commission, an elder statesman and a very good friend of Umeorimili family. He advised Igwe Oforbuike to stop insulting stakeholders and make peace with umu Umeorimili. Igwe Oforbuike ignored him. When Ochendo advised him to allow late Theresa Williams Umeorimili Ezeoke, nne Fada, to be buried in peace, Igwe insulted Ochendo and told him to mind his business.
    (3) Chief Maja Umeh, Okwuaka Amichi, former Commissioner for Information during Peter Obi’s administration, resigned as Chairman of Igwe’s cabinet, when he realized that Igwe Oforbuike cannot be trusted to stick to agreements.
    (4) Chief Mike Ume, Udemba Amichi, Former Vice Chairman NFA, resigned as chairman of Igwe Oforbuike’s cabinet over irreconcilable differences.
    Other stakeholders he has insulted or consider as enemies are as follows;
  • Chief Emma Okoli. Oba.
  • Chief Eric Umeofia. Erisco.
  • Elder Adolphus Onuaguluchi.
  • Numerous others.
  • Igwe Oforbuike locked ama Obi gate and prevented the bishop emeritus of Nnewi diocese, Bishop Hillary Okeke and over 150 priests, from celebrating vigil mass inside the Obi for late Theresa Williams Umeorimili Ezeoke. Bishop Okeke in defiance, celebrated mass at the foot of Nnanyi Umeorimili statue at the entrance of Obi, standing up through out.
  • Igwe Oforbuike wrote to his uncles and their representatives to vacate their homes, destroy them and exhume their deads. He threatened to evict them by force with his thugs after the deadline date he gave. The family members made a formal report to the commissioner of police at Awka and a file was opened to that effect.
  • Igwe Oforbuike accused his uncles in writing and verbally that they killed his father and that they want to kill him also.
  • He announced in Obiagu meeting that he will bring back all the alusis in Amichi and reconstruct all their shrines. He boast that he brought back 44 alusis so far. He went to reconstruct one of the shrines on umu-Udalla land but he was chased away by the family with a warning never to try such ever again.

We of the Umeorimili have monitored the attitude and behavior of HRH Igwe Alphonsus Oforbuike Ezeoke for a while now. It gets worse by the day. It has gotten to a point that the family have resolved to do something before it’s too late. Igwe Oforbuike has brought shame and disrepute to the stool, throne and the family name our fore fathers and our heroes past toiled and built through sweat and blood. We, the Umeorimili family will not seat idle by and watch Igwe Oforbuike destroy the legacies of our ancestors. We are also of the opinion that HRH Igwe Alphonsus Oforbuike Ezeoke has undiagnosed psychiatric problem that greatly impede and affect the way he reasons. We see him as danger to himself and others and incapable in this condition to continue to make rational decisions that befits the exalted office of the traditional ruler of Amichi and the Ugwuochi clan. As a result of all above and many more atrocious character and behavior of Igwe Oforbuike, we of the Umeorimili family hereby recall HRH Igwe Alphonsus Oforbuike Ezeoke from been the family chosen candidate as the traditional ruler of Ancient Kingdom of Amichi and Ugwuochi clan immediately. Umeorimili family will forward His Excellency, Chief Prince Afamefuna Luke Ume-Ezeoke, Ezike Obiadada name to the kingmakers of Amichi and Ugwuochi clan once requested.

Long live Amichi and may God continue to bless us all.


Rev. Fr. Ferdinand Ume-Ezeoke (chairman).

Elder. Chiedozie Ezeoke

*Governor of Anambra State.

  • Commissioner for local government and Chieftaincy affairs.
  • Chairman transition committee Nnewi South.
  • Chief Simon Okeke. Ochendo Amichi.
  • Chief Chidi Anyaegbu. Okeiyi Amichi.
  • Chief Emma Okoli. Oba.
  • Chief Mike Umeh. Udemba Amichi.
  • Chief Maja Umeh. Okwuaka Amichi.
  • Chief Eric Umeofia. Erisco.
  • Chief Jeff Okeke. Mayor Amichi.
  • High Chief Ezeani Chukwujekwu.
  • Chief Anselm Aforka.
  • Chief Cleeson Udebuana.
  • Chief Bertland Ichiebuka.
  • Chief Daniel Ugwumba. Okwuemenwa.
  • PGs of all the quaters in Amichi.
  • All ADU branches.
  • ADU women’s wing.
  • ADU youth wing.
  • All social clubs in Amichi.
  • All religious organizations in Amichi.
  • Nze na Ozo Amichi.
  • All villages in Amichi.
  • All sons and daughters of Amichi.
  • All non indigenes living in Amichi.

Certainly, the last is yet to be heard of this unwholesome development in amaechi. Be sure that AMICHI hMAGAZINE shall always keep you updated on every development.

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