BEFORE GOD ARRESTED ME(2): Evang Chukwuma Ndiogulu’s chilling True Life Confession.

Evangelist Chukwuma Ndiogulu is a gospel music artist and a preacher of God’s word. He hails from Ebenator-Okpala Amichi, in Nnewi South local government area. He is a born again Christian and a strong soloed Christ. The story today was not same many years ago before he gave his life to Christ. He shares his true life story with



In the year 1999, a young man named Tochukwu from Afube preached to me about Christ and God touched my heart, then I became a born again Christian under Deeper life. Tochukwu was a brother to that very guy I commanded in Oshodi to give me #200,000 without a success.

Then I began to serve God diligently. There was a woman in that church also from Ebenator Okpara who saw me and just liked me not only because I became a born again Christian but because I was also from Ebenator Okpara.

I let her knew that na mmakwa egbu akwu should in case she needs my services . Then I was barely 15yrs old.

All her four children are millionaires . Two lives in USA and two lives in Lagos here. Her second male child is quite rich and so has bought so many lands in Amichi and even one of the land is very near to Hon Elo Hyacinth Okoli house . And so there are plenty akwu on those lands. So Mama solicited for my service and that is how I entered the family and started living with them .

So when her sons came back, she introduced me to them and they all liked me.The one very rich among them, let me just assume that his name is Ozo, just liked me special because he is also a born again Christian.

Ozo told me categorically that he has been looking for a young man from Ebenator Okpara whom he is going to train in business and make him a millionaire to the admiration of everybody in Amichi. So now that I am here, I should concentrate on my education for now and when I finish my SSCE, I should join them in Lagos.
He paid me #1,500 monthly subvention to assist my widowed mother.

Mmirimalugo Igwe Mmaduncha and Hon Elozana can bear witness that in Amichi Boys, my school uniform used to be the best with costly material. My school sandals no student can afford it not to talk of my school bag. I was a golden boy.

Then as the years rolls by, then i began to loose focus. Can I say that I was unable to manage success at very tender age . For God to bless you is never His problem but how that blessing will treat you is God’s headache. Some has lost their lives in fatal accident because God bless them with cars.

So one certain time, Mama was very sick and have to jet out to USA for medical treatment. And that is where my trouble started because nobody again was monitoring me.

Evangelist Ndiogulu’s Music Ministry

Even before then, Mama gave me a brand new Suzuki motorcycle for mobility because I registered for WAEC that year and I was attending lessons at Alutu in Nnewi.

That machine given to me became my albatross. There was a particular lady from Amich that was the delight of every young man from Amichi then. she is a twins. Then l met her in Alutu. Because I uses motorcycle, she accepted my advances for her own benefit too since she will stop paying for transport.

Then I foolishly invited her in Ozo house and desecrated the house because when Mama left for US, I was then living alone in a very gigantic two storey building. I never knew that there was an eagle eye somewhere monitoring me and was also giving my Oga in Lagos feedbacks.

I backslided totally and even did many bad things I can’t mention here. I simply took God for granted . I forgot it was me being born again and God’s grace and favor that brought me into that family with golden hearts.

Even the woman’s elderly son assured me that once I finish secondary school, he will smuggle me to US for further studies because he knew that his brother, Ozo will prefer to take me to Lagos to join them in Business .

All the opportunities were lost !

One day Ozo came home and told me to go and call my mother . Then I went and called my mother. Ozo said I should go and pack all my belongings and I went packed all.

Because of his golden heart, he refused to tell my mother all the atrocities I committed in his house. He told my mother to take me home and assured her that if i change to good ways again, he will come and take me back. But I know that the end has come .

When we reached house my mother wept bitterly. I was barely 19yrs old then. And my family was the poorest in Ebenator Okpara then.

Ozo’s golden heart didn’t allow him to let me go like that knowing fully that I registered for WAEC in Enugu. He then told me to go and be collecting #2000 from our local pastor until I finished my exam. I took WAEC when I was in SS2. I didn’t do SS3 .

But I didn’t go to collect any allowance from our pastor. I headed straight to Nmewi and started work at Ibeto and worked there four years before the quest to become a millionaire by all means possible began to consume me.

Today I am a matured man with family. I have a lot to tell my son.

If you play with God’s favor, He can withdraw it at anytime.


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  1. Victor says:

    The story has just began

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    Interesting, keenly waiting for part3.