BEFORE GOD ARRESTED ME(3): Evang Chukwuma Ndiogulu’s chilling True Life Confession.


I became born again at a very young youthful age. I have told you how it happened before.

Then God remembered me and favored me. He connected me to a rich family that helped me a lot. I lacked nothing as everything I needed in terms of money and other good things life can offer were readily made available for me.

But then after four good years in Christ, I became too familiar with God and took Him for granted and I lost control and backslide. I didn’t managed God’s blessings and favors very well. Rather , it brought lukewarmness to my spiritual life. I forgot my root and my divine encounter with Christ and became dependent on the material things and consequently , I lost my salvation.

My backsliding into the world brought to an end my sojourn wuth that particular rich family where I lacked nothing . The prospect of schooling up to the university level was terminated immediately.

They are a pure Christian home and they even picked me up from the church to assist me in life . We are from the same village and they were very happy to see a person from same village in their church. I didn’t became born again because of them as I didn’t even know them before.

Then after parting ways with the family, i left my town and migrated to a nearby industrial town of Nnewi in Anambra state and started work in a manufacturing company there . Now living alone, I backslide more and more to the extent that sinning became my hobby.

If you see me, you can never believe that I had experienced Divine Salvation before. I went deeper into womanising and all the evil spirits Christ divinely pursued out of my life came back with their twin brothers. My conscience became dead and seared with hot iron. Sin became my Darling wife then.

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So after four years of working in that particular manufacturing company, I got fed up with that work and decided to make money through any means available. That urge to become rich grew exponentially in my heart that I began to go places. I went to a Babalawo in Oko in Anambra state. After that, I went to Benin and then finally settled with a powerful spiritualist working hand in hand with River Niger Water Goddess and seven other river goddesses in Delta.. And right there, I was initiated into a marine kingdom. Power to make money was given to me and I made some cash.

Unknowingly to me, I never knew that I had became an agents of the mermaids. They started using me to carry out some of their blood sucking activities which was causing deaths of people in the real world and this was totally against what I bargained for. 😳😳😳


Please Take Note: I will not go deeper in telling you all I did while dinning with mermaids in those years. I will tell you ONLY ONE incident which heralded my FOURFOLD DIVINE DELIVERANCE Jesus Christ conducted on me which actually led to my eventual RETURN TO CHRIST.

To be continued▪▪▪

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