BEFORE GOD ARRESTED ME(4): Evang Chukwuma Ndiogulu’s chilling True Life Confession.



He is huge, furious, hairy and looks like a chimp. He charged towards me but he was restricted from attacking me by an invisible chain holding him.

In 2017, I went down to Amichi to pick my family back to Lagos .

One of my very good friend came back from USA then so we traveled in his Jeep to Oraifite and after three days of merrymaking in his hometown Oraifite, we set out to Amichi to pick my family as we were about to return back to Lagos.

On entering my father’s compound, my friend, popularly known as Okwuluoka na Olaifite saw what is going on in my father’s compound and immediately asked questions. He was shocked to discover that I have a brother who is a spiritualist yet I am not rich monetarily (because I know that spiritually, I am stinkingly wealthy ).

Without wasting time , he befriended my brother Ejike and even went to the booth of his Jeep and brought out an expensive wine and gave to him. This is a friend who has not given me better wine before oo. Although in the hotel where we lodged in Asaba, I drank some good Nigerian wines but not exactly this type he gave to Ejike. Don’t call me a jealous brother because I know what I am talking about.

Evangelist Ndiogulu

Because of this, he cancelled returning back to Lagos with us but instead opted to stay back. He gave me only #12,000 to find my way with my family back to Lagos, though i have our transport fare with me already. But in my presence, he counted #70,000 and gave to Ejike. Wetin concern me? I took my family and we left for Lagos.

You will not believe that my friend who promised to give me some cash in the region of at least #300,000 didn’t even tell me the day he left for USA. Just one day he chatted me that he has returned back to USA since two weeks ago. But I no vex.

But our subsequent chats made me to understand that he was annoyed with me. He said I deliberately decided to remain poor (please I am not poor) because the little work Ejike did for him, changed his level within a short period of time as he was able to secure job in a place he was not qualified to apply as he is now been paid well and also was sending three 40ft container loaded with various items to Nigeria. I simply ignored him because he didn’t know what I suffered in the hands of demons few years back.

Within a short period of time he returned to Nigeria and truly , my friend has expanded financially as he bought house in Lekki. He called me and we met at Lakeview estate in Amuwo Odofin. He openly voiced his annoyance on my romance with Jesus. In fact, after listening to him, I concluded in my heart to follow Jesus forever. There is no difference between him and atheists. He narrated to me how Oyibo has duped Africa with Christianity but I stood my ground. As I was about going, he gave me #20,000 and I thanked him.

After his stay in Nigeria for about one month, he returned to America and blocked me on Whatsap and blocked my line from getting him. Then I deleted his number on my phone and forgot about him.

But 3 months ago, I saw the Oracle from my father’s compound that is behind his success. In that revelation , I was in my father’s house and he visited. So when I was seeing him off, I helped him carry his traveling bag and helped him hold a small animal that looked like a small pet monkey.

On getting to Eke Ochie Amichi, as my friend wanted to give me money, that small monkey that was friendly to me since now turned to a very huge Chimp and started charging towards me. It was so ferocious that everybody around ran away. Even my friend was confused on what to do. But I noticed there was an invisible chain drawing the chimp back whenever it nearly took hold of me.

When I woke up from that revelation, I then discovered the very reason many people who made their money with the assistance of unclean spirit beings can’t assists anybody with that money. Even if they eventually do, the spirit behind the wealth will useless your efforts with the money.

Even Ejike my brother is not happy with me as he has given me more than 6 different opportunities to travel abroad via some people he works for which I turned down because I know that God has special plans for me.

Now, my friend Okwuluoka na Olaifite started chatting me again just past Monday. I keep my fingers crossed.

This is a person who without my knowledge did London visa and jetted out, he was able to see Heathrow airport and they deported him. He did Ukrainian visa and only saw their airport and they deported him. He again did Malaysian visa and succeeded in seeing the airport and they deported him again. All these were happening within the year2011, without him telling me. It was only when he has wasted over #2million that he now approached me and narrated his ordeals to me. He insisted in leaving the shores of Nigeria but he doesn’t know what to do again.

I then advised him to look for visa-free country and he agreed. That night we went to cyber cafe and searched

…….to be continued

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