BEFORE GOD ARRESTED ME: Evang Chukwuma Ndiogulu’s chilling True Life Confession(1)

Evangelist Chukwuma Ndiogulu is a gospel music artist and a preacher of God’s word. He hails from Ebenator-Okpala Amichi, in Nnewi South local government area. He is a born again Christian and a strong soloed Christ. The story today was not same many years ago before he gave his life to Christ. He shares his true life story with



Many years ago, when I was around 13yrs old, my mother was the first person to tell me that me and Ejike are spirits incarnates.

She said in a dream , she was trekking to Igbo-Ukwu. Before she would reach Ochi hotel, she saw a startling sight.

She saw a tank as big and as tall as a four storey building . There was heavy fire and smoke coming out of the tank. And he saw two boys standing near the tank.

Then the two boys started following her. One is taller than the other . The senior one was hanging his hand on the head of the younger one removing his hair from a particular spot and sucking tongue. ( I still suck my tongue till today. Don’t laugh at me).

So the two boys started following her. And the younger one,Ejike, said to the senior one,that is Chukwuma , to follow the woman,that is my mother today,to her house and that if that family is suitable, himself will come later.

My mother said she was sore afraid especially on how our voice sounded.

And so the senior one, that is me, continue following the woman until she reached her destination.

When my mother woke up from the dream, she was worried because she has already concluded with my father not to bear more children because she already had five children . So she became very careful when enjoying that ‘thing’ with my father.

But despite all her efforts to avoid pregnancy, the thing entered and I was born. You know they don’t have access to family planning then . After she born me, she became extra careful.

But after four years, Ejike arrived. We are seven in number in my family .

As me and Ejike were growing , it happened that I continued doing those things I was doing on Ejike’s head in the spiritual world also in the real life. Anywhere you see Ejike, you will see me hanging my hand on Ejike’s head and then be sucking my tongue.

So one day my mother called me and told me that she doesn’t understand the kind of human beings me and Ejike is. This continued until I left to Ozo’s house. So because Ejike was no longer around me, I stopped but I am still sucking my tongue till today oo.

Evangelist Ndiogulu During His Studio Session For His Gospel Music Album

Did Ejike learnt how to do spiritual work from anybody? The answer is no. Both of us had been destined to do spiritual works even before we were conceived . Was my father a chief priest before he died? The answer is yes and no. My father was a petty chief priest before he died and you can’t compare his level and Ejike’s level now. Ejike is far greater than my father. My father served only one oracle at our backyard then but today, Ejike is serving more than 13 oracles and they all obey him. To the extend that Ejike heals people with stroke. The way Ejike operates is still the same way my spiritualist then operated .

Funny enough , I haven’t even discussed this with Ejike. The only thing I told him last time I went home was to apply caution. He told me how he started but I refused to tell him the deep things involved in him becoming a chief priest. The only thing I told him was that I saw four white elephant he was feeding and that they were all looking good.

Don’t blame me for not preaching to Ejike because I know with man, it is impossible but if Holy Ghost get involved, then good things can happen and he will become a born again Christian.

Ejike will remain powerful as long as he abstain from doing what the oracles doesn’t like. Just as those four oracles migrated from Illah in Delta state to my father’s compound, at the later end of Ejike’s life, they will still migrate to another place . They are falling Angels looking for human beings where they can live and do their works.

They pretend to be angels of lights but they had falling out of God’s favor and were thrown into the Earth. They have power to do both good and evil.

They wanted to use me but it seems God too has another plan for me. So there is a constant struggle between God and Satan. Each of them on daily basis recruits agents but Devil himself has more human agents than God.

Even the last time I visited home, I still met two pastors from P/Harcourt whom Ejike is working for and they are more than 10 pastors whom Ejike is working for. So you can now see that even that pastor operating within your neighborhood might even be an agents of darkness . They go diabolical because they want their church to be filled up. But that is bad.

If not the Spirit of God hovering over the Earth , human beings would have finished.

I don’t know if my mother had told Ejike this, but if you want to find out , go and meet my mother. She is not too old. She can still remember.


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