BREAKING NEWS: We Shall Return Certificate to Govt For The Peace Of Amichi; Embattled PG Declares.

The turmoil and crisis which has bedeviled Amichi following the issuance of Certificate Of Recognition to Chief Cletus Udebuani led faction of Amichi Development Union(ADU) appear to settle rather quickly.

The is following the press release issued by the factional vice president Sir Jeff Okeke,on behalf of his boss Chief Udebuani and other excos. The release issued early morning of today June 14 reads;


Good morning the good people of Amichi. After yesterday war of words and insults and name calling, we have resolved as follow.

  1. We will not continue this war of division in Amichi.
  2. Amichi must be united again for Peace and progress to come back to Amichi.
  3. All the issues concerning Amichi will be treated this 2022.
  4. We will respect the wishes of our people no matter their size.

For all these to work, we want to plead with our people to stop insult and name calling. Amichi is one and must continue to be one. We want Chief Chidi Anyaegbu Okeiyi Amichi to continue enjoying the respect he earned over the years. Our government will not bring him down, and as such we want to respectfully do the hard task. Do everything possible to bring Amichi together. Chisco is a great son of Amichi and a Peace maker.

After meeting with my president last night, we have agreed to go back to government house today and hand over the certificate of recognition back to them and request them to conduct a fresh election for us. Who ever wins will unite Amichi more than this division. We also consulted most of our stakeholders and informed them of our decision to return the certificate.

We apologize to everyone this our decision may offend. We do it for the interest of Amichi and peace. Amichi has been in bad News for a long time and we will not welcome the proposed protest as threatened by our brother Eric Ezeoke to happen because it will paint Amichi bad again.

God bless Amichi. Amichi must be united again and be Great in Jesus name Amen.

Dr Sir Jeff Okeke Mayor Amichi.
Vice President ADU

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  1. Nwoke says:

    You are doing well!