Confusion As Okpala Quarters Announces Boycott Of Scheduled Amichi PG Rerun.


We Okpala Descendants Union Amichi(Okpala quarters) came across a letter dated July 20th 2022 from the office of the Commissioner for Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs and duly signed by Hon Tonycollins Nwabunwanne informing Amichians to come to Awka for Amichi Presidential election only.

Hon Tonycollins Nwabunwanne should recall that on July 14th,2022, he invited few Amichi stakeholders to his office at Awka where he advised ndi Okpala quarters to go and conduct election on or before July 20th, 2022.

Okpala quarters conducted an election as Hon Tonycollins Nwabunwanne stipulated at Jack Miral Hotel hall Awka and Evang Emeka Ezekiel emerged as the winner for the third time. Hon Tonycollins Nwabunwanne ordered for the results of the election conducted on July 19th,2022 to his office and the results was submitted on Wednesday July 20th,2022 to his office.

We were surprised that same Hon Tonycollins Nwabunwanne office that collected #100,000 to conduct Okpala quarters primary election but intentionally failed to appear on the day of Okpala quarters primary election suddenly gave us a letter informing us that Amichi community will come and conduct an election for ndi Okpala quarters at Awka on July 23rd,2022.

Hon Tonycollins Nwabunwanne didn’t give Okpala quarters any reason why Amichi community should come and conduct only Presidential election to ndi Okpala quarters. Is Hon Tonycollins Nwabunwanne trying to tell us that the result of the election his office collected #100,000 to come and conduct for ndi Okpala is not acceptable?

Hon Tonycollins Nwabunwanne is aware that it is the turn of Okpala quarters to elect President General for Amichi Development Union and Okpala quarters have done that three times in the presence of Government yet they refused to issue certificate of recognition to winner of the election because they want the looser of the election to become the President General.

For Hon Tonycollins Nwabunwanne to fix Presidential election for ndi Okpala quarters and to be conducted by Amichi delegates showed that Tonycollins Nwabunwanne wants to cause more divisions, confusion and crisis in Amichi. Hon Tonycollins Nwabunwanne should remember that some communities in Anambra State like Amichi community have gods that vindicate his people. Let Hon Tonycollins Nwabunwanne be mindful of his actions in Amichi to avoid attracting anger of the gods in his life.

Amichi community has procedures stipulated by Amichi caretaker committee which all the quarters in Amichi accepted in 2016. These procedures were made known to Hon Tonycollins Nwabunwanne. Hon Tonycollins Nwabunwanne insisted on making use of Amichi constitution that has no date and signature because Amichi constitution contradicts Anambra State laws.

Hon Tonycollins Nwabunwanne once told ndi Amichi that Governor Soludo instructed him to go and conduct election to ndi Amichi. Governor Soludo was explicit on his instructions and never limited it to Amichi Presidential election. If Hon Tonycollins Nwabunwanne is honest and sincere, he shouldn’t limit Governor’s instruction to only one office(President) because election comprises all the offices. We haven’t known Tonycollins Nwabunwanne interest on only Okpala quarters Presidential election because Mr Jeff Okeke that is parading himself as Vice President of Amichi community didn’t win his primary election at Ezeundene quarters. Mr Jeff Okeke was not elected by Ezeudene quarters, he is just an impostor. Hon Tonycollins Nwabunwanne was made to understand that because of Mr Jeff Okeke misconduct, both Government of Anambra State and Igwe Amichi dismissed Jeff Okeke from office. Government of Anambra State can not turn to accept someone with questionable character into Vice President of Amichi. Several petitions have been written to the office of the Commissioner for Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs concerning Mr Jeff Okeke Vice Presidential office but Hon Tonycollins Nwabunwanne tends to play dumb on it.

Okpala quarters is boycotting the election Hon Tonycollins Nwabunwanne called on July 23rd,2022 because Okpala quarters have conducted there election three times and Evang Emeka Ezekiel keeps winning. Hon Tonycollins Nwabunwanne should issue certificate of recognition to Evang Emeka Ezekiel who won the election. Hon Tonycollins Nwabunwanne wants Okpala quarters to be conducting the election till Mr Cletus Udebuani wins which Okpala quarters will no longer play to. We will boycott the election because we have conducted the election as Hon Tonycollins Nwabunwanne stipulated.

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