Contemporary Showbiz Management: The “FRESHY ENTERTAINMENT” Example

The established primary problem of today’s celebrities is Fame management. Getting to the top hasn’t proved a hindrance, but remaining at the top relevantly is the Achilles heel.

Showbiz in Nigeria today has attained an enviable status among world practicioners, such that it takes more than just talent to remain relevant in the highly competitive industry.

The Nigeria music industry in particular has evolved to a level where our indigenous artistes are winning the highest honors regionally and internationally. Therefore, robust artiste management is key to ensuring the standard is maintained.

Artiste management is very crucial, putting into consideration the pivotal role they play in career development and sustainance of these artistes. Ranging from image management, show bookings, brand ambassadorship negotiations, media appearances, show performance planning, stage and appearance fashion with wardrobe maintenance, as well as corporate social responsibilities, the list is just endless.

FRESHY ENTERTAINMENT is one of such mega artiste management companies that priotizes top-notch standards. Owned by Anambra-born Showbiz mega player,Nonso Freshy, the company is the management firm of the prestigious highly-rated UMUOBILIGBO, comedians, and other highlife and hip-hop music artistes.

FRESHY ENTERTAINMENT built the UMUOBILIGBO brand to what it is today , the most sort-after revered musical artistes of Igbo extraction.

The company has successfully changed the UMUOBILIGBO narrative, from a predominantly Igbo highlife musicians to a more dynamic hip-hop genre.

Today, 9th June , the FRESHY ENTERTAINMENT boss who had added value to a wide range of celebrities under his management,is celebrating his birthday. Encomiums and good wishes have continued to pour in for the Showbiz mogul from across the country and beyond .

It is not surprising that such magnitude of dignified celebrities are celebrating Mr FRESHY, simply because everything he touches turns to gold . He is currently the most dynamic and sort-after artist and event manager in Nigeria. His rise to stardom still startles many followers and fans of the industry. He knows how to turn raw materials into exquisite finished good.

A number of music artistes and comedians who are under his robust management have never had a reason to turn aback. A problem solver, manager of men, material and scarce resources, Freshy is one manager who puts artist’s interests above personal gain, unlike today’s destiny devourers masquerading as artiste managers.


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