COVID-19: Igwe Amichi Counsels His Subjects.

The traditional ruler of Amichi community in Nnewi South local government area of Anambra state His Royal Majesty Barr Dr Ofobuike Alphonsus Ezeoke(Igwe Eneke Amichi) has addressed “Ndi Amichi” on the need to strictly observe the social distancing practice amid the Lockdown. In a letter titled “Social-Distancing And Lockdown”, Igwe Ofobuike reiterated the need for all Amichians to strictly observe the 8pm to 6am curfew imposed by the state government, while thanking the town union(Amichi Development Union) leaderships and all well-meaning individuals who have contributed to assuage the biting hardship.

Here is the full text of Igwe’s address:

“We pray that no onye Amichi will contract the Corona Virus.
In order to fulfill this prophesy, we must collectively observe social-distancing rule, and the lockdown order.
For a person to voluntarily abide by a novel directive, it is important to explain in plain language the reasoning behind the ordinance.
Social distancing is in place to avoid the rapid spread of the Corona Virus pandemic. If the virus spreads uncontrollably, the hospitals would be unable to accommodate the exponential growth, which would invariably lead to massive casualties. The inverse Herd Immunity would be even more
disastrous. Herd Immunity is a concept where there is no lockdown or social-distancing and everyone is exposed to the virus with the prediction that the whole populace will build enough immunity to stem the viral effect. This could result in massive uncontainable loss of lives and radical decrease in the population. For that reason, social-distancing makes sense because the idea is to minimize exposure
until a vaccine is discovered to completely eradicate the virus.
Lockdown is necessary because without it, children and the asymptomatic have higher immunity that could spread the virus to the vulnerable, such as ndi agadi, the asthmatics, diabetics, cancer patients,
hypertensives, and people with respiratory ailments. Umu aka may contract the virus, but may not die of its effects, but may become carriers of the virus and spread it to their less-immune family members.
To all the numerous ndi Amichi that contributed to the alleviation of the impact of the lockdown, I sincerely appreciate your efforts and the impact your financial and commodity benefaction made. It is
during crisis that good people exhibit their innate behaviours. I appreciate the future contributors who are intending to contribute but could not. We urge everyone to have the opportunity to receive the
blessing of giving.
Ndi b’anyi, please stay indoors from 8:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. to avoid police arrests and the consequent high bail amount. Our PG has made several announcements at Eke Market urging nde be anyi to obey
the curfew because we are wasting resources in bailing violators of the curfew. If you must be out, please proceed cautiously within the hours of 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. We are law-abiding citizens. Let us stay that way.
For some of us in diaspora or domestically located, or otherwise distantly located, we urge everyone to maintain the social distancing so that we will return to Amichi safely. Whatever scared the Caucasians round the world cannot be taken lightly. What a whiteman could not conquer is no joke. Let us not be lackadaisical about this pandemic. We cannot afford to lose one onye Amichi in this battle.

Page one of Igwe’s address.

That ndi Amichi are immune to the virus is not a visa to act recklessly. We cannot act like the Russian who received prophesy that he will live a long life and decided to step in front of a moving train to test the prophesy. He was buried the next day near the train station.
We are protected, maka na odi n’ofo. No matter where any Amichi indigene is located, he/she is protected.
I thank our PG, Daniel Ugwumba, the Youth President, Emma Ezike, my PA, Eric Chinedu Ezeoke, for all their efforts in assuring that the gifts and donations from both government and individuals reached the intended recipients. We have our own better government.

Page two of Igwe’s address

Please stay safe, and I will continue to pray for the safety of ndi Amichi zuzugbe. Udo dili unu ndi nkem mfulu na anya.
Signed on this 15th day of May 2020.
HRH Igwe Dr. Ofobuike Alphonsus Ezeoke, Juris Doctor/BL Hons.
Attorney/Barrister and Crisis Manager at Law
Obi Amichi

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