End SARS: Ogun prosecutes four policemen for murder

In line with the request of the Nigerian youths that policemen involved in police brutality and extra-judicial killings be brought to book, the Ogun State Government is set to prosecute for policemen for alleged murder and manslaughter, AMICHI MAGAZINE reports.

A statement by the Attorney-General and Commissioner for Justice, Ogun State, Mr. Akingbolahan Adeniran, on Thursday, invited the public to monitor the “criminal cases against the defendant police officers.”

Akingbolahan revealed that the state is prosecuting one Inspector Wasiu Lawal for murder on November 10 at the High Court of Ogun State, sitting in Ipokia.

Also, Okoi Obi will be facing charges for manslaughter December 2, at the Ijebu-Ode High Court.

DAILY POST reported that both Inspectors Niyi Ogunsoro and Ahmed Mohammed will be charged for murder at the High Court sitting in Abeokuta and Ilaro respectively, saying dates of the hearing will be communicated.

The Ogun Attorney-General informed that additional cases would be added as soon as charges against defendants are concluded.

Meanwhile, members of the public are also invited to submit petitions or information on human rights abuses by security personnel to endsarsjudicialpanel@ogunstate.gov.ng or by calling these phone number: 07080601223, 07080601224 and 07080601225.

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