Equipment Theft Derailing Chisco/Ogbodi/Osumenyi Road Project – Investigation

It was all joy for the people of Amichi and Osumenyi communities in Nnewi South local government area, when the road connecting the two towns was flagged off by His excellency Chief Willie Mmaduabuchukwu Obiano, the executive governor of Anambra state, in 2015.

For the inhabitants of Ogbodi village, a hinterland neighborhood in Amichi, it was a miracle of a lifetime to see road construction pass through their enclave, having been abandoned since time immemorial without access road.

Unfortunately, that all-important road project has been abandoned for many years now, causing massive erosion and wanton dilapidation. This has caused untold hardship for the residents.

Several ‘SOS’ calls have been made in different ways to draw the attention of the State government to the highly deplorable condition of the road without success.

However, an investigation carried out by AMICHI MAGAZINE reveals that the contractor, major among other reasons, left the site because of incessant cases of equipment theft and thuggery suspected to be from miscreants within the community, carting away construction materials in the process.

A staff of the construction company who pleaded anonymous because he’s not permitted to speak to the media said: “we lost a lot of equipments and construction materials to thieves with the host community. You know location of the site is bushy all around, so those people easily come around at night to take away our equipments and materials. We cannot continue to buy. We complained a number of times of nothing changed, our Oga had to order us out of site.”

One of the failed portions of the road

Speaking to the Senior Special Assistant to the governor on Image Management, Chief Hon. Chika Ibeneme (Odaa Opuo), who happens to be an indigene of Amichi, he confirmed the status of the project.

In his words: “Myself and one of my colleagues went to see the Commissioner For Works this morning because of Ogbodi road. He said we should beg the villagers to stop stealing their equipments. He said that the contractor abandoned the site twice because they lost significant parts of their heavy duty equipments severally even after replacement. He said that no contractor agreed to work there again. That’s why they engaged Army Engineers to do the road opposite Natalia Hotel as you can see. He said that they will come and divert the flood from entering the channel and redirect the road only when they are sure that their equipments will be safe”.

Chief Ibeneme appealed to the youths of the community to put hands together to ensure that such thing does not reoccur again.

“It is not good for our image. All of us know how important and strategic, and the amount of succor that road will provide when completed. Youths of Amichi, youths of Eziama village the host, and all security networks in Amichi should stand to be counted. This is where we have to show our mettle. The commissioner has assured me that as soon as I guarantee the safety of equipments and materials, the engineers will be mobilized back to site. The youths should put their feet down and fish out the bad eggs doing this, or at least guarantee that it won’t happen again, I can assure everyone that I will meet with the honorable commissioner. He’s a man of his words.

Gov. Obiano’s administration has commissioned a number of completed road projects in the midst of the ravaging pandemic. It is pertinent to note that this road project ought to have been completed and commissioned by now. It is the responsibility of all and sundry to ensure that it is done, by ensuring that the safety of man and materials of the engineers is guaranteed.

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4 Responses

  1. Umesegha Samuel says:

    Atusel God bless you for saying the truth.
    He accused Eziama community of stealing contractors tools. Did they bring report to Eziama community that there was vandalism of the workers tools. Did they report to Amichi or the police.
    Someone destroying Amichi town name for personal interest is not good at all.
    He may think he is doing only Eziama not knowing he is doing both Amichi in general. Bros think if after all this you are not there again. How will your town see you. Will they see you as a good one who do well when you were appointed to do the work of the government

  2. Ifeanyi Ikebude says:

    I believe that if work was in full force, equipment theft, (not even armed robbery) wouldn’t have happened.

    Anyways, let’s fish out the bad eggs if that’s their reason.

  3. Appreciation to everyone putting timeless effort to our dear land ,God bless you all

  4. Atusel says:

    Big lies! The vandals had opportunity to vandalize because the equipment where abandoned for over one year….Is there and official police report on this theft? What date does it bear? Let them come back to site I will personally arrange for the security of their equipments…We are peace loving people and not criminal….The Special assistant to the governot should not rubbish the image of our town on social media..Their incompetence is glaring ! The last time they came for inspection a year ago…Did they mention theft?? Ndi na ego agu na ndi na ele agu!