Ex Presidential Adviser Emerges Chairman Ume-Ezeoke Royal Family

Sanity has returned to the Royal Family of HRH Igwe Peter Umeorimili Ezeoke as they conducted a family election to pilot the affairs of Late Igwe Peter Umeorimili Ezeoke family.
It was gathered that erstwhile Special Adviser to late President Umaru Musa Yar’dua, Hon Chineme Edwin Ume-Ezeoke (Ezenwakenyi Jr), emerged as the Executive Chairman of Umeorimili Family Group. The election was conducted on the 27th of December 2021 at the palace. We were informed that Igwe Ofobuike Ezeoke as the principal head of the family, and a representative from the Ezeoke family EXCO, were witnesses to the election.
In a written acknowledgment from Ezeoke EXCO, the Ezeoke Royal Family Chairman, Mr. Ikechukwu George Ume-Ezeoke recognized the election of Hon. Chineme Edwin Ume-Ezeoke as the chairman of Umeorimili Family Group, and Engr. Nnaemeka Chike Ezeoke as the Executive Secretary, and Eric Chinedu Ume-Ezeoke as the Publicity Secretary.
In his acceptance speech, Hon Chineme Edwin Ume-Ezeoke urged the family to maintain peace and uprightness as imbibed in Umeorimili family folklore, and to confer proper reverence to the traditional stool of our forefathers.
Hon Chineme enjoined the general public to please discard all malicious publications from any member of Umeorimili Family that are directed towards embarrassing and insulting our traditional stool. Any Umeorimili Family member who arrogates positions of authority to himself for the sole purpose of dishonouring the traditional stool is hereby sternly warned to further desist from such actions or face the wrath of the family.
According to the Publicity Secretary of Umeorimili Family, Chief Eric Ume-Ezeoke, “there are few members of Umeorimili Family that are paid by enemies of Obi Amichi Palace to cast derogatory slurs about Igwe Amichi on social media. Such individuals and their publications should be disregarded completely.” He further urged Amichi community to accord respect to the revered Umeorimili family, and the seat of our traditional institution. 

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