EXCLUSIVE: Amichi Set For Failed Town Union Election Rerun As Anambra State Govt Releases Guidelines.

**Adopts “Option A4”

**Orders all quarters to conduct fresh primaries for all positions allotted to them.

**All elections to be concluded on or before 30th April 2021.

Following the crisis surrounding the Amichi failed general election initially
scheduled on 5 April 2021(Easter Monday), the Ministry has taken time to study the issues and factors that led to the failed election, and thereafter, convened a meeting between the Hon. Commissioner and the Representatives of Amichi community. The first meeting was held on 13 April, 2021 which was more of fact-finding and submissions from all the parties. At the second meeting of 20 April 2021, the following resolutions were reached after the discussions.

  1. All the Quarters shall go back and conduct a fresh election/nomination of their candidates for Executive committees of the Amichi Development Union.
  2. The period of the said election shall be between Wednesday, 21 April, 2021 to
    Friday 30 April, 2021.
  3. Each President of the four (4) Quarters shall ensure that a proper and due
    notice of the date, time and venue of their Quarter’s primary election/nomination is disseminated to all the villages.
  4. Each Candidate for the position shall inform his village President of his
    intentions at least 48 hours prior to the date of the election.
  5. Each village President shall declare and submit the names of their selected
    delegates at least one hour before the election/nomination exercise.
  1. Each village within each Quarter shall present the number of their delegates
    according to their agreed and generally accepted sharing formula.
  2. The delegates shall cast their ballot for the Candidates of their choice by
    OptionA 4. Option A-4 requires that each candidate must stand, and the
    delegates that support the Candidates must line up behind the Candidate in a
    live, visible, physical present manner.
  3. Any village who voluntarily abstains from participating in the election shall
    forfeit its delegates.
  4. The candidate(s) who garners the most delegates’ votes at the end of the
    election shall be declared the winner and shall be presented to Amichi general election.
  5. The President of each Quarter shall present the list of the winner of their
    primary election and the results to the Hon. Commissioner for local Government.
  6. The President of each Quarter shall also ensure that a proper record of the
    primary election proceedings are kept and shall forward same to the Hon.
    Commissioner, such as attendance list of the meeting called for the purposes
    of the primary election and the minutes, with signatures of Attendees,
    amongst others.
  7. The President of each Quarter shall ensure that no village or section of his
    Quarter is left out in the conduct of the primary election,
    13.The Hon. Commissioner shall communicate the people of Amichi on the next line of action (main election) after the Quarters primary election.

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