Exposing The Lies in General Buhari’s June 12 Broadcast -Reno Omokri

First of all, General Buhari’s broadcast to the nation was not live. As I revealed earlier in the week, it was prerecorded. Not only was it prerecorded, but it is made up of outright lies and deliberate half truths, which I will expose

General Buhari described Nigeria as “a shining example of democracy”. This is a lie. Nigeria’s democracy has severely eroded under this administration. We no longer have freedom of speech and we have indiscriminate arrests

General Buhari boasted of foreign currency stability. This is false. The Naira is very unstable. It is also one of the world’s most underperforming currency having lost 20% of its value since #COVID19

General Buhari boasted of the success of the Anchor Borrowers Scheme. That scheme is a complete failure. Repayment has been abysmal. Less than 35% of beneficiaries are repaying. The scheme is anything but a success and may be stopped soon

General Buhari boasted of “soaring investments”. This is an outright lie. Foreign Direct Investment to Nigeria is not “soaring”. We have lost our place as the number one destination of FDI in West Africa to Ghana

All the power projects now mentioned by General Buhari, including Alaoji and others are projects of previous administrations, especially the Goodluck Jonathan administration.

Yesterday, the Nigerian Centre for Disease Control registered its highest daily increase in new infection with 681 new cases. 2 days earlier, it had registered its previous all times high of 663 cases. How can General Buhari pat himself in the back?

The Lagos-Ibadan railway project, along with the other railways that General Buhari listed are the achievements of previous administrations. General Buhari should be honest enough to give credit where credit is due, instead of passing them off as his.

Saying that “for the first time in over 10 years Nigeria is conducting bidding process in 57 marginal oil fields” is NOT an achievement. This is routine. It has nothing to do with General Buhari.

General Buhari claimed that he has ensured development in the Niger Delta. Can Nigerians ask him what the progress of the Ogoni Clean up is? Audio clean up that never happened. Audio Niger Delta Development.

General Buhari boasted of an increase in non oil oil sector exports. The truth is that Non oil exports are down when compared to pre 2015 figures. How can you boast of failure?

In a country with a 22 million housing deficit, is General Buhari not ashamed of boasting of building 1200 housing units? This is what a local government chairman should boast of.

General Buhari boasted that he has degraded the power of Boko Haram. How can he say that when we just saw what happened in Faduma Kolomdi in Borno. Our soldiers are still being killed. they shoot videos exposing the failures of the anti terror war.

General Buhari boasted of improving social inequalities. A big lie. Under him the heads of the Executive, Legislature and Judiciary, along with the heads of the Army, AirForce, Police, NSA, DSS, DMI, EFCC, NCS, NIS & NPS being Northern Muslim males. This imbalances contradicts his Taqiyya claims.

General Buhari said WHO declared covid19 a pandemic in January. False. WHO did that on March 11, 2020. That he is this unaware, shows his incompetence. If he does not know when #COVID19 became a pandemic, how does he know how to address it?

General Buhari said people displaced from the LGAs occurred by boko haram are returning. Not fully, true because more people are being displaced. By the way this is the first time Buhari would admit that boko haram seized control councils under him.

General Buhari patted himself in the back for corruption. In 2015, he campaigned on anti corruption. Today, according to Transparency International, Nigeria is now more corrupt than 2015. In 2015 we were 136. Today, we are 144. We have moved backward.

General Buhari said he is particularly upset about recent upsurge in rape. But what has he done? The Federal Government has done virtually nothing. The work in stopping this has been carried out by civil society, not General Buhari’s government

General Buhari said his government adheres to rule of law. But General Buhari does not obey court orders. Has he obeyed the ordered of Ibrahim Zak Zaky? Was he not forced by the US to release Dasuki after previously disobeying court orders?


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