Female sets up her friend to be molested by 7 men for mocking her virginity status

If we say this world is wicked some might dispute it somehow, but the fact still remains that some of those people in this world are actually far more worst than animals and even the devil. And there seems to be the truth behind what the Governor of Kaduna State, in the person of his excellency, Malam Nasir El Rufai claimed recently when he said to Funmi Iyanda on Public Eyes that, there’s a ‘rape epidemic’ in the country.

So apparently today somewhere on the island, 7 boys were actually caught in the very act of molesting, violating/molesting 2 girls! And from what was found out they had been beaten mercilessly after they must have been drugged first. One of the violated girls had a burnt wound on her caused by the use of a hot iron for resistance to being raped! The ladies are said to have come from their Gbagada homes in Lagos, where they live with their parents.

The madness about the whole rape situation is the fact that it was their own friend, a female friend for that matter who they had wanted to surprise on her birthday, having good intentions, that instigated their rape/violation/molestation and by 7 boys!!!

Why you may be asking? Just because she was pained that they claim to still be virgins and that they supposedly mocked her because she had lost her own virginity! So this evil friend wanted to actually confirm if they are actually what they claimed to be-Virgins and make sure they are not anymore even if they are not!

So the girls wanting to give their friend a birthday surprise went to where she was, they were given Chivita already laced with weed & codeine, which both took unsuspectingly!

After when the perpetrators felt the drugs must have taken its toll they gave flesh to their animalistic nature. It was in the course of the rape and maybe the painful screams of the girls that alerted the security men at the Estate somehow, who quickly informed some of the house owners and Estate Excos, who quickly went to rescue the girls from total damage. The instigator in chief (lady) and the victims are all said to be between 18 & 19 years old and are all in their 1st year at the University of Lagos.

The 7 boys were arrested and are currently undergoing Investigations, while the 2 girls are receiving treatment at a hospital in Ikeja, Lagos.

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