Fresh Crisis Looms In Amichi As New PG Moves To Unseat Igwe Ofobuike.(see letter)

Fresh pandemonium brews in the troubled town of Amichi as the newly installed president general Chief Cletus Chibuzor Udebuani has written a letter to Anambra State government, announcing the dethronement of HRH Igwe Barr Ofobuike Ezeoke, with his brother Chief Afam Ezeoke as his replacement.

The shocking development, coming on the back of a protracted town union crisis has thrown many residents into disquiet, knowing the community is in for another long battle.

Details later…

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4 Responses

  1. EyeBit says:

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  2. Okey says:

    I see another blood bath looming in amichi.They should trade with caution ooo.noan is born different.its a matter of mind

  3. IRIKANNU says:

    Will this be his first move as the newly elected PG of the town?