When a woman is sexually aroused, the vagina naturally self-lubricates and this makes the overall sex experience merrier.

Love making without lube can be really painful. This can damage the vaginal lining especially, in a situation where the body may produce less lubricant due to hormonal changes, menopause, aging or medication.

At such times, other forms of sexual lubricants will come in handy.

Non natural lubricants can actually help in enhancing arousal, boosting of sexual pleasure, keep your vaginal skin soft and very importantly, reduces friction during vaginal penetration.

The myth that it’s only for aging women is a very wrong assumption considering the fact that a number of women have come out to say that lubricants help in achieving orgasm.

People make use of weird substances as lubricants; the truth here is that, using the right kind can make a huge difference.

Lubricants can be used by anybody and benefit both men and women, whatever their age, regardless of whether their body produces lubrication naturally.

Various reasons are responsible for some persons not wanting to indulge in sex; like, feeling tired, discomfort, pain, lack of arousal, vagina dryness or lack of excitement. If you fall into any of these categories, you may find lubricant especially useful.

Using lubricant before sexual activity can help prevent itching, burning, chaffing, and other discomfort.

Dryness is mostly common among people on certain medications including, antihistamines and antidepressants. Those taking this type of medication struggle with daily water intake, and are often dehydrated.

Others affected include those who use hormonal birth control, smoke cigarettes, are breastfeeding, are in pre menopause or menopause or are undergoing chemotherapy.
See lubricants as your new found bestie, designed to enhance your sexual function and arousal, and if you’re game in wanting to try something new, these lubricants can be a great way to spice things up with your lover, or help set the mood for sex act.

A well lubricated manhood not only enhances pleasure, but also, assists in preventing damage or abrasion to the delicate tissues of the vagina and the penis, including the fact that it helps make sex last longer.

Older men also have their own share of sexual challenges. As they age. their genitals become less sensitive to erotic touch.

They need lube to rescue the situation, to help with longer genitile arousal gain, stronger/firm erections, and intense sensual pleasure.

Here’s how lubes heighten intercourse without undressing;

  • Dry your lips with mouth closed
    *Gently run a finger lightly over your lips- be mindful of your feelings
  • Get down to licking your lips and fingertips
  • Try running the damped fingers over your moistened lips-
    If you participated in the above Act, you will realize that, the sensation was heightened in the last stage. Arousal is still very much possible, lubricants improves sex almost, always immediately.
    Vaginal lubricants can be a great way to help rumple those satin bed sheets with your spouse. The added wetness can reduce any friction or discomfort and help keep the sex session going for a long time.
    If confused about deciding between the different lubricants, think about your comfort and safety in mind, how much to use. How long your lubricant lasts will determine whether or not you’re going to have any fun during your sexual romp.
    Remember, wrong product can put your vagina at risk!

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