“I Had To Sit All Night Because I Can’t Breathe.” COVID-19 Survivor Narrates Her Experience.

Here is my COVID-19 Experience and Testimony

Have you ever have air hunger , looking for air to breath but it seems far away… and my heart beat was out of control. That was how I was from 25th April to 2nd May, 2020. That was the severe type of COVID-19. My case was critical but God was there, He preserved and kept me as always.
This is summary of my COVID-19 experience

I was exposed, I went on self Isolation for 14 days, Within those 14 days, I got tested, my result came out on 27 th April , 2020, I was called by NCDC representative to get my things ready. I never had symptoms until 16 day when I noticed I couldn’t breath I have to sit all through the night.

Due to NCDC late response, I was evacuated the 3rd day with worsening cases to the first Isolation centre in Lekki. The next day, I was dying but thank God for my Friend, Lola who raised alarm( I never knew we were in the same centre until that morning).I was placed on Oxygen and transferred to Yaba Isolation Centre. While admitting me, I was told by the Doctor that if my condition worsen, I will be transferred to ICU,Intensive Care Unit. Thank God, I never went there.
I was on Oxygen for 5 days, but God delivered me on the six day. I read about a study that if you lie prone, that is lying on your stomach with head of the bed raised, helped patients with COVID-19 who has breathing problem recover fast so I did it and it helped me sleep better if not, I have to sit down throughout the night. Also, some breathing exercises helped me a lot to inflate my lungs, I spent 17 days in Isolation centre, I was discharged yesterday, 14th May, 2020 having tested Negative.

Ivuoma Days Before Her Discharge

I sincerely want to appreciate the Love of my life, Samuel Peter, my Love for the part he played in speeding up my transfer to Yaba, his prayers strengthened my faith to hold on despite death knocking on my path, You’re one in a billion. Some guys would have disappeared at the mention of COVID-19…kikikikk…Lol
But he stood by my side, all through and always brightened my day, I love you dearly, thank you.

My beloveth Sister
Ann Uvere, my prayer warrior you are sister in deed, I love you and her Husband Onyebuchi Emmanuel, a man with a heart of gold, thank you so much.

May God bless the Doctors and Nurses, they were indeed wonderful and nice.

Above all, I want appreciate God, the giver of life and every good thing. For keeping and Preserving my life once more.

That my one week Facebook vacation, was a battle for life, I fought and beat COVID-19. Most of those posts were from my hospital bed…Lol.
For you out there who still think COVID-19 is a Scam , wake up from your denial and know that COVID-19 is real.
By Ivuoma Tom

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