“Igbos Should Stop Ritual Movies” – Reno Omokri

Igbos should have used Nollywood the way the Yoruba use the media. Sadly, Nollywood actually works against them. It makes others perceive Igbos, wrongly, as ritualists and fetish people, which they are not. Ndi’Igbo saw Nollywood as a money maker, and failed to see it as a game changer. The Igbo apprenticeship system is the most successful in the world bar none. Alaba International market alone generates $4 billion according to Robert Neuwirth. Why can’t Nollywood do movies on that and promote Ndi’Igbo, rather than this near obsessive focus on ritual and juju? It will serve them better if they use Nollywood to project positive things about their race that are already happening. Sadly, this is not the case. Not at all. Not at all.

The mistake Igbos made, which the Jews in Europe and America did not make, is that they focused only on dominating Nigeria’s commercial sector, and forgot the media. The media is like air power. Once you have it, no one will mess with you! Why? Because the collateral damage to them will be more than their attack on you. And only a mad man fights a war he knows he is going to lose. You use your control of the economy to reward your friends and use your power over the media to punish your enemies. Carrot and stick, that is what makes the world go round. How do you think Orji Kalu got his release? Because he is the only Igbo man that controls a national media (Daily Sun)

You can imagine a movie called The Great Tycoon, about Cosmas Maduka, based on his rise to billionaire status, from a lowly second school dropout from Nnewi, who went to Lagos with nothing but the clothes on his back after the civil war. That will be better than rituals! It will project Ndi’Igbo and Nigeria positively. I watched The Greek Tycoon as a child and that made me want to go to Greece to see the land of Aristotle Onassis. While in Greece, I spent close to $1000. That is what movies should do. They make you want to invest in a culture. Nollywood does the exact opposite!

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2 Responses

  1. Oly Okolinta says:

    He is making sense.

  2. becky ifunanya says:

    We have heard him, shebi it’s only Igbo’s that act ritual movies