IGWE AMICHI SAGA: Umu Umeorimili Denies Recalling Igwe Ofobuike, Reveals Their Findings.

In a fresh twist, The Umu Umeorimili Royal Family has denied ever recalling HRH Igwe Alphonsus Ofobuike Ezeoke as the Igwe of Amichi. In a voluminous release titled “THE OPPROBRIUM OF FALSITY” signed by the Chairman of the royal family Hon Chineme Edwin Ume-Ezeoke and issued to news men as obtained by our correspondent, they maintained that Chief Afam Ezeoke who is allegedly parading himself as “Igwe” has been excommunicated by the royal family since. The letter equally embodied the findings of a barrage of investigations on a wide range of accusations purportedly made against Igwe Ofobuike

The letter reads:


Umeorimili Family Never Recalled HRH Igwe Dr. Barrister Ofobuike Ezeoke

We the members of Umeorimili Ezeoke Family in Amichi, received several notices from various sources regarding a letter written by some rank-and-file members of

We spoke with Igwe of Amichi, His Royal Highness, Ofobuike Alphonsus Ezeoke, Doctor of Jurisprudence, and the Igwe of Amichi regarding the brouhaha. We also spoke with several people with relevant information regarding the writeup for an educated response outside of any propaganda.

Our inquiry revealed a deep-rooted hatred haboured by some sections of Umeorimili family towards the Igwe that originated during the lifetime of Igwe’s father, Late HRH Alphonsus UmeNnanyelugo Ezeoke.

We were informed of a teleconference conducted by Umeorimili Family on 22nd August 2022 ,recalling HRH Ofobuike Ezeoke as Igwe of Amichi. Umeorimili Family never called any meeting nor did Umeorimili family convene any meeting on the 22nd of August. We the members of Umeorimili Family categorically and strongly deny holding any teleconference on that date. The Secretary of Umeorimili family, Engr. Nnaemeka Chike Ezeoke also confirmed that no such meeting was ever held by Umeorimili family. Engr. Nnaemeka also stated that if such meeting was ever held, that HRH Igwe Ofobuike Ezeoke would be informed and would be present. Previously, Umeorimili Family Principal Members wrote a letter to the governor of Anambra State informing the governor that at no time did Umeorimili Family wish to recall Igwe Ofobuike as Igwe Amichi. The perpetrators of this mischief are some members of Umeorimili Family who were excommunicated in both Umeorimili Family and Ezeoke Family in general. The writers of the letter to Cletus Udebuani do not have the standing to represent Umeorimili or Ezeoke family.

The matter regarding the surviving sons of Umeorimili had been a contentious issue. Umeorimili had several wives, and with 14 sons. Out of the 14 sons, there were 7 wives that bore children for him during his lifetime:

  1. Mgbafo Udije from Eziama Amichi
    a. Late HRH Alphonsus UmeNnanyelugo Ezeoke
    i. HRH Ofobuike Ezeoke (Current Principal Head) of Umeorimil Family)
  2. Okwuigwe from Ukpor
    a. Late Luke Douglas Ume-Ezeoke
    i. Afamefuna Luke Ume-Ezeoke (Excommunicated)
  3. Afuekwe from Nnewi
    a. Late William Akunwata Ume-Ezeoke
    i. Ugochukwu William Ume-Ezeoke
  4. Ugbana from Ifitenanza
    a. Late Geoffrey Ezeoke
    i. Late Chike Geoffrey Ezeoke
  5. Engr. Nnaemeka Chike Ezeoke
  6. Mgbeke Azia from Azia
    a. Late Titus Ike Ume-Ezeoke
    i. Nwokedi Titus Ume-Ezeoke
  7. Mgbokwa Otuaka from Umuhu Okabia
    a. Late Damasus Ume-Ezeoke
    i. Chukwudalu Ume-Ezeoke
  8. Anuduaba from Umuhu Okabia
    a. Late Theophilus Ume-Ezeoke
    i. Lt. Tochukwu Theophilus Ume-Ezeoke

The above-listed are the PRINCIPAL MEMBERS of Umeorimili Family with Igwe Ofobuike Ezeoke as the PRINCIPAL HEAD. No person outside of the listed members have the standing to bind any family in Umeorimili Family.

Any other individual purporting to speak or represent Umeorimili family that is not the aforementioned is perpetrating fraud on the public.

Umeorimili, during his lifetime instructed that all his properties must be shared per stirpes (Na Nne, Na Nne), and no other way. The Principal Head (Onye bi na Obi) gets 33 1/3 of all the properties, and another 1/7th of the remainder. This is also reflected in Umeorimili Family Bylaw.
According to Umeorimili Family Bylaw, without the signature of Igwe Ofobuike Ezeoke, any agreement binding Umeorimili Family is void. Further, the signatures of the majority of the Principal Members of Umeorimili Family serves as binding on that particular Umeorimili subfamily.

Alleged Agreement Between Umeorimili Family and Igwe Ofobuike Regarding his Relocation to Nigeria.

We the members of Umeorimili Family, specifically state that at no time did we make any agreement between Umeorimili family or any subfamily in Ezeoke family and Igwe Ofobuike regarding his relocation to Nigeria from the United States of America. The Chairman of Umeorimili Family, Hon Chineme Ume-Ezeoke denies any such agreement. Hon Chineme stated that “it would be against the law to seek an agreement for someone to be confined in a particular location.” Ume-Ezeoke further stated that “Every Nigerian is entitled to the freedom of movement under the Nigerian Constitution. For us to demand such agreement would infringe on Igwe Ofobuike’s rights. People travel out of the country for different reasons, especially someone who must do so to make a living. I am aware that Igwe Ofobuike spends at least 8 months out of the year in Nigeria. I am aware of his whereabouts at all times. Igwe Ofobuike placed about 10 youths on monthly salaries, and pays school fees, rents, hospital bills for so many in Amichi and surrounding towns. Igwe Amichi is a very private and quiet person and prefers to be at his palace to avoid any fanfare to attract any possible criminal elements. One may think that Igwe is outside of the country, but he is actually at his palace. It is rather a security risk for him to disclose his locations. Igwe celebrates Amichi New Yam Festivals every year since 2004. He celebrates Ofala Festival every other year since 2010. He is culture and traditionconscious. It is worrisome that someone who never visits Amichi would claim that Igwe is not in Amichi. How would the person know? Even this year, Igwe celebrated Amichi New Yam Festival on the 28th of August 2022. He was at the Palace dancing and merrimenting, when other Igwes escaped to Awka, Abuja, and Lagos. The New Yam Festival attracted more than 2,000 people.”

We requested clarification from His Royal Highness, Igwe Ofobuike Ezeoke about the allegation that he is not in good terms with Igwe Nnewi South. Igwe stated that such accusation is nonsensical and so yesterday. Igwe stated that at one time there was a complaint he filed against ndi Igwe Nnewi South, but that through the intervention of Chief Maja Umeh, the matter was resolved and Igwe Amichi and Igwe Nnewi South reconciled in 2018. Therefore, the accusation and information are factually inaccurate.
On the burial saga of Late Mrs. Theresa William Ume-Ezeoke:

We are aware that prior to the death of Late Mrs. Ume-Ezeoke, that Igwe Ofobuike had instructed that each family residing inside the Palace should no longer use the Palace as burial ground and that each occupant must bury their dead at their respective ana-obi as designated and assigned by Late HRH Umeorimili Ezeoke prior to his death. Shortly after the pronouncement, Mrs. Ume-Ezeoke died. The family of Late Mrs. Ume-Ezeoke preemptively filed a suit in Nnewi High Court seeking the restraint of Igwe Ofobuike so that the family of Mrs. Ume-Ezeoke could defy Igwe’s order and bury their mother inside the Palace. The Court granted the restraining order without the appearance of Igwe Ofobuike.

The Court further ordered that if the family of Late Mrs. Theresa Ume-Ezeoke fails to prevail in the underlying suit, that the Court will order Igwe to exhume her body and pay a fine of Two Million Naira. Igwe Ofobuike did not seek the vacation of the order of the Court because he had no intentions of disturbing the burial of Late Mrs. Theresa Ume-Ezeoke. All activities that caused the riot at the Palace on 17th March
2017, were initiated by Mrs. William Ume-Ezeoke’s family, especially and specifically, Rev. Fr. Tonna Ferdinand William Ume-Ezeoke. Igwe Ofobuike never lifted one finger against the family of Late William Ume-Ezeoke. We were there. We know.

Mrs. Ume-Ezeoke’s children, led by Rev. Fr. Tonna Ferdinand Ezeoke mounted a heavy resistance against the Igwe using Nigerian Army, Nigerian Police, the SARS, Vigilante group of all the ten towns in Nnewi South, and Yoruba thugs imported from Lagos. The tab was paid by one Amichi rich man who pretends that Igwe insulted him.

Jeff Okeke was paid to orchestrate the force necessary to cow Igwe Amichi to submission. Obiagu Village noticed the invasion of their village and mobilized the Youths to counter the offensive. The soldiers hired by Jeff Okeke and his men threatened to kill anyone who dared to interfere in the burial ceremony. Before the engagement between the Youths and the Nigerian Army could escalate, Igwe Amichi called Governor Obiano, who immediately ordered the withdrawal of the Nigerian Army. As soon as the Army withdrew, the family of Late Mrs. UmeEzeoke hurriedly buried their mother. There were no arrests, no assaults, or deaths. Igwe Ofobuike, who was present during the burial of Mrs. Ume-Ezeoke ordered the Youths to stand down and not submit to violence. It tis therefore very bothersome that the family of Late Mrs. Theresa Ume-Ezeoke has been peddling this false narrative for such a long time when they are at fault in the skirmish involved in the defiant burial of their mother.

False Accusations of Criminal Activities

There was an internet link indicating that HRH Igwe Ofobuike committed some type of crime in Houston, Texas. First of all, we are aware that HRH Ofobuike is a licensed attorney in Houston, Texas. We researched his background and called the Texas State Bar to inquire about his licensure. The Texas State Bar and Disciplinary Panel indicated that His Royal Highness, Alphonsus O. Ezeoke has never been disciplined, sanctioned, or disbarred by the State Bar of Texas. Or any other disciplinary entity in the United States. Furthermore, we called some Nigerian attorneys in Houston, almost all of them spoke of the high excellence of legal practice displayed by His Royal Highness Ezeoke. One of the attorneys actually stated that Igwe Ezeoke is the best Nigerian attorney in Texas. “He is the attorneys attorney”, one of them said.

We clicked on the link trailing the letter from Umeorimili Family to Cletus Udebuani indicating that HRH Igwe Ezeoke committed some type of criminal action in Texas. When we clicked on the URL, there was nothing on the Houston Chronicle site corresponding to the accusations in the letter. We concluded that the link is another hoax perpetrated against Igwe Amichi. If Igwe’s peers in Houston, Texas have such glowing praise for him, I am not sure why his own brothers feel otherwise. I was amazed at the level of integrity and genuflecting by other attorneys in Texas for Igwe Ezeoke. Amichi should be proud that he is representing and promoting the Ezeoke an Amichi names abroad. This accusation is clearly defamatory and actionable in court.

Bishop Benson Okoye Enters Umeorimili Land by Force

We inquired about the accusation regarding Catholic Bishop Benson Okoye of Nnewi Diocese. The Diocese responded that no thugs attempted to hurt the Bishop. We spoke with Eric Ume-Ezeoke who was mentioned as the culprit in the alleged assault of the Bishop. Eric Ume-Ezeoke brushed off the accusations as false and nonsensical. Eric stated that he was driving by the Leper Colony and saw Bishop Okoye at the site and stopped by to greet the Bishop and realized that the Bishop was instructing workers to commence the demolishing of all the buildings on Ugilinze land, and to start building Bishop’s Quarters on the land. Eric stated that he told the Bishop that the land belonged to his Grandfather and wondered whether the Bishop sought and received permission from Igwe Ofobuike who is the head of Umeorimili Family. The Bishop informed Eric that the same Umeorimili Almajiris sold the land to the Bishop and told him to forcefully build on the land. This was another attempt by the same individuals in Umeorimili family to bring another strong outsider to help them to fight Igwe Amichi. The Bishop was willing to be used by Umeorimili Almajiris. During the phone call between Igwe Ofobuike and the Bishop, the Bishop openly and loudly insulted the Igwe which caused some of the passersby to intervene and caution the Bishop. There were no altercations or insults directed at the Bishop. The Bishop was told to do proper consultations with the head of Umeorimili Family before commencing any work. The Bishop was the belligerent person in the confrontation.

Consequently, we the members of Umeorimili Ezeoke Family issued a letter to Igwe Ofobuike granting him the full authority to bring a lawsuit against the Bishop and Nnewi Catholic Diocese. We are in support of the suit filed against the Catholic Church. Igwe is our Principal Head and has the full authority to initiate any suit on our behalf. There will never come a time that we intend to concede our grandfather’s land to any entity. The land does not belong to the church and the church must remove itself from our land.

We verified this information with some of the priests who were present at the site and they confirmed Eric’s version of the story and not the version as narrated in the letter to Udebuani.

Anglican Bishop and Masquerades in Amichi

We acknowledge that the tradition and culture of every town rest with the Igwe and the Nze na Ozo of any town and not with the Bishop of any denomination. To claim that the Bishop is responsible for masquerades in Amichi does not require a response. We will leave it at that.

Chukwuemeka Trespass on Palace Land

Regarding the matter between Chukwuemeka Ume-Ezeoke and Igwe Ofobuike, we independently read the case filed in Nnewi High Court regarding the land being built by Chukwuemeka on the Palace land. In the suit, Igwe Ofobuike stated that since 2016 that Chukwuemeka was screaming and yelling in Houston that he will build a home on the Palace land and that Igwe Ofobuike will never be able to stop him. To expand on this matter, Igwe Ofobuike’s parents raised Chukwuemeka since he was 5 years old, trained him in secondary school and in the university. Igwe Ofobuike then brought Chukwuemeka to Houston. Chukwuemeka, upon gaining his United States Citizenship decided to fight Igwe Ofobuike to prove his independence.
Chukwuemeka’s late elder brother Ossy, bought a parcel of land in Obiagu and built his home there, but Chukwuemeka was bent on fighting the Igwe and insisted on building his home on the Palace land to prove that he is tough.

In his court pleadings, Chukwuemeka claimed that it was Umeorimili that granted the land to Chukwuemeka’s father. We are well aware that Umeorimili never made such grant to Chukwuemeka’s father, Matthew. Even if Umeorimili made such grant, it would be Chukwuemeka’s late brother Ossy that would inherit the land, not Chukwuemeka. Actually, the court records showed that Chukwuemeka paid his brother Sunday Ume-Ezeoke to go to Force Headquarters in Abuja and stabbed Igwe Ofobuike on 30th of August 2018. Sunday Ume-Ezeoke was convicted of the assault at Magistrate Court 12 in Abuja, the court records reflected. It is therefore untrue for the family of Matthew Fada Ume-Ezeoke of any wrongdoing by Igwe Ofobuike against that family. Matthew Fada’s family must apologize to Igwe Ofobuike or continue to face the consequences.

The land does not belong to Chukwuemeka Matthew Ume-Ezeoke. The land is
Palace land, and Chukwuemeka is building the house out of malice against Igwe Ofobuike. The High Court in Nnewi issued an interlocutory injunction against Chukwuemeka. Chukwuemeka defied the injunction, which caused the court to issue a contempt of court against him, the records show.

Allegation of Gang Activities

We further inquired about the alleged gangs and kidnappings accusation. We found that no such incident occurred. We know that Jeff Okeke alleged to have been kidnapped by Igwe Ofobuike, Eric, and Chief Obijiofor Ume-Ezeoke. When the matter was moved to the Abuja Force Headquarters, Jeff Okeke abandoned the case. Igwe Ofobuike and Chief Obijiofor Ume-Ezeoke insisted that Jeff Okeke must prove his allegations, Jeff Okeke abandoned the charge. Chief Ume-Ezeoke collaborated the story. Eric Ume-Ezeoke also collaborated the story.

On Innoson and the Innoson Manufacturing Plant planned for Amichi.

The truth is that Igwe Ofobuike was the person that convinced Innoson to bring the plant to Amichi. Igwe Ofobuike provided the agreement with Innoson to Umeorimili Family members for their approval. The Family approved the agreement before some Amichi rich men insisted that they must benefit from the transaction rather than Umeorimili family only. Afamefuna Luke Ume-Ezeoke engineered the sabotage of the agreement with the Amichi rich men. When Igwe refused their covert act, Innoson backed off the deal for fear of alienating his customers. We are still in possession of the proposed agreement with Innoson for the installation of the manufacturing plant in Amichi as follows:

a. Create 2,500 jobs in Amichi
b. Grant Amichi citizens right-of-first-refusal
b. Supply 24-hour electricity in Amichi
c. Pay initial fee of #16M to Umeorimili Family
d. Dualize the Amichi-Okigwe road.
e. Pay the sum of #8M Naira yearly as Nhu to Umeorimili family.
f. Give Umeorimili Family one bus every five years.

This agreement was prepared by Barrister Nnakenyi. When we called Barrister Nnakenyi to authenticate the document, Nnakenyi stated clearly that Igwe Ofobuike used his clout to make sure that development was brought into Amichi and that the rich people connived with some members of Umeorimili family Almajiris to thwart the project. Nnakenyi was saddened by the futility of that effort. We were amazed as to the oppositeness of the claim by the writer of this piece against the Igwe.

No Truth Regarding Proposed Tomato Plant

We independently inquired about the tomato manufacturing plant proposed by Eric Umeofia. Our inquiry proved that no such proposal was ever made by Erisco and no such proposal was presented to us as Umeorimili Family members for approval as was the case with Innoson. We were unable to find any document to support this claim. We spoke with some people in Amichi to verify the truthfulness of the claim. No one collaborated the story. It is therefore false.

Igwe Did Not Block the N20M Community Project

Umeorimili Family EXCO inquired about Igwe Ofobuike obstructing the N20M project as claimed in the letter by some excommunicated faction of Umeorimili family. We were informed that the information is just not true. It was the government that introduced the project, selected the contractor, Chief Obiora Okeke. At no time did Igwe Ofobuike participate nor obstruct the construction of the Civic Hall. Actually, we were informed that Igwe Ofobuike donated free Didi land for the hall. His donation was rejected by Daniel Ugwumba’s administration, who insisted on building the hall on a controversial land. Neither Daniel Ugwumba nor Igwe Amichi played any role in spending the government #20M project whatsoever. “It was an APGA thing”, someone said.

PG Saga in Amichi

On the PG saga in Amichi, we know that Igwe Ofobuike actually did not have any candidate of his choice. He knew Udebuani and not Udogu. Igwe Ofobuike only wanted any prevailing elected candidate to emerge as the choice of Okpala Quarter and nothing more. Okpala indigenes voted for Evangelist Chukwuemeka Udogu as against Cletus Udebuani. The rich men in Amichi immediately labelled Udogu as Igwe’s candidate and drove Udebuani on the throats of Amichi people. It is Okpala’s turn to produce Amichi PG. To guarantee the outcome, some Unknown Gunmen appeared at the election hall on the 6th of August and prevented Okpala people from participating in their own election. That was how Udebuani emerged as the PG of Amichi. We read several letters written by Okpala Descendants Union Amichi, which clearly stated that Okpala was completely disenfranchised by the government to guarantee the emergence of another person who lost Okpala Election 3 times.

The emergence of Udebuani as the PG of Amichi has brought chaos in Amichi where he wrote a letter seeking the removal of Igwe Ofobuike, and the crowning of excommunicated Afamefuna Luke Ume-Ezeoke as “Igwe Osu” in Amichi even though Igwe Ofobuike is still the Igwe. It is therefore disingenuous to claim that Igwe is the one causing rift in Amichi. The source of Amichi problems is clear to everyone who cares to notice. Our investigations disclosed that there is one clear source of all the tentacles of disunity in Amichi – one clear sponsor. The same sponsor is backing the Chiedozies, Ugochukwus, Chukwuemekas Alphonsus Jrs, Afamefunas, etc., in their war against our brother Igwe Ofobuike.

Igwe’s Personal Ife Remains His

After reading the paragraph regarding Igwe Ofobuike’s personal life, we made a concerted decision not to deal into his personal life. Igwe informed us that he is very happy with his personal life and does not need to explain his lifestyle to anyone. He said that he loves the person in his life because she is the nicest human being that he has ever met. He concluded that a good woman is not found in a specified geographic location, but may be hidden in a location far yonder.

From our findings, Igwe Amichi is divorced from his Ex-Wife, an Amichi citizen, whom he divorced in America because of insupportability. We reviewed the Divorce Decree from the court in Houston. The reason for the divorce is alarming, but the court issued an injunction against both parties from disclosing the contents of the divorce.

We also found out that Igwe sought and received his dowry from his Ex-Wife’s family. We believe that the marriage between Igwe and his Ex-Wife is over, and anyone who wishes to continue to view her as Igwe’s wife or his Lolo, is free to do so at their own indiscretion. Marriages are not forced. Divorce is an outlet to walk away from marriage without bitterness. The marriage has been permanently severed. Igwe said that he is willing to answer to his maker as to the reason for his personal decisions regarding his personal life. We will therefore respect his decision.

Igwe Ofobuike’s Strong Support

We read several letters written by Ezeoke Royal Family, Umeorimili Family, Obiagu Village, Okpala Quarters, Umu-ada Ezeoke, Ezeoke Family in Diaspora, and Obi Amichi Cabinet, all in support of Igwe Ofobuike. There is no letter collaborating the fact that Igwe Ofobuike lacks support among his kindred. From the letters that were submitted to the governor, it is clear that Igwe Ofobuike has the confidence and the unequivocal love of his people. The facts are indisputable. We therefore unequivocally, undoubtedly, unreservedly, and without recourse, resoundingly support and embrace fully the rulership of our dear brother, His Royal Highness, Dr. Barrister Attorney Alphonsus Ofobuike Ezeoke, Esq, JD, as the Igwe of Amichi. His ascension to the stool is based on primogeniture.

The selection of Igwe in Amichi does not rest in Umeorimili Family, but in Late HRH Alphonsus UmeNnanylugo Ezeoke’s family. Even if Igwe Ofobuike is recalled, his sons, Kosidinna or Obiagazie would take over. If Igwe Ofobuike’s Children reject the position, then Igwe Ofobuike’s brother Ozoemena, will ascend to the throne. If Ozoemena is uninterested, then Ozoemena’s son Chinozie would ascend to the throne before it would rotate from Late Alphonse Nnanyelugo’s family. Any other scenario is a complete pipe dream and a waste of sleep.

Alleged insult of the stakeholders in Amichi:

a. Chief Chidi Anyaegbu – Chief Anayegbu (CHISCO Transport) entered our inherited land in Ugilinze, without Igwe’s or Umeorimili Family’s consent. When Igwe Ofobuike challenged Chief Anyaegbu, Chief Anyaegbu claimed in a court document that the same excommunicated Afamefuna Luke Ume-Ezeoke sold Igwe our land to Chief Chidi Anyaegbu without Igwe Ofobuike’s permission. Chief Anyaegbu decided to sue Igwe Ofobuike. Chief Anyaegbu is still occupying our
Ugilinze land, and the matter is in Court. Chief Anyaegbu is telling everyone that Igwe is suing everyone and not in good terms with the stakeholders in Amichi. The misunderstandings are regarding the forceful hostile takeover of our inherited landed properties. Because Igwe is resisting the trespass by filing suits against the encroachers on the lands, there is a campaign against Igwe Amichi to paint him as a troublemaker so that the Igwe would be viewed negatively by people who are oblivious of the actual truth.

b. Chief Simon Okeke (Ochendo). We know for a fact that Igwe Ofobuike Ochendo have no issues at all. There is no problem between Ochendo and Igwe Ofobuike. Igwe Ofobuike stated that Ochendo is Amichi Statesman who has his respect at all times. We made no further inquiries since both parties stated that there is no acrimony existing between them.

c. Chief Maja Umeh: It is well settled that Chief Umeh sought to celebrate new yam festival in Amichi before the Igwe. The government of Anambra State stopped Chief Umeh’s festival with stern warning letter. No further acrimony exists between Igwe Ofobuike and Chief Umeh. Igwe Amichi stated that Chief Maja Umeh will forever remain his friend. We will not expand further on the matter.

e. Chief Mike Umeh – We reviewed the court records of the case between Igwe Ofobuike and Chief Mike Umeh. The suit was initiated by Chief Mike Umeh regarding the same Agu Ugilinze land that we inherited from our grandfather Umeorimili. The excommunicated Afamefuna Luke Ume-Ezeoke and about three other excommunicated sons and grandsons of Umeorimili family attempted to circumvent the Igwe and sell 110 plots of our inherited land to Chief Umeh. When Igwe Ofobuike realized the sale of the land, he immediately filed an intervenor action in court to stall the transfer. Chief Mike Umeh became angry at Igwe Ofobuike and commenced subtle hostilities against the Igwe, which caused the Obi Amichi Cabinet to terminate the chairmanship of Chief Mike Umeh. The termination of his chairmanship was done by the Cabinet and not by Igwe Ofobuike, but the hostilities has escalated into the use of the same excommunicated Afamefuna UmeEzeoke as the “Igwe Osu” coronation scapegoat to goad Igwe Ofobuike.

We were unable to collaborate the accusation that Igwe Ofobuike either insulted or is in conflict with the persons listed below:

  • Chief Emma Okoli. Oba.
  • Chief Eric Umeofia. Erisco.
  • Elder Adolphus Onuaguluchi.
  • Numerous others.

When spoke with Igwe Ofobuike regarding the names above, he said he had only met Chief Emma Okoli in 2012, and no more. He had a good meeting with Oba at Oba’s house in Amichi and Lagos. He does not recall ever meeting the rest of the men mentioned above. Since none of the men above complained of any rancor with Igwe Ofobuike, we will leave it at that.

Palace Gate Saga

It is sheer false that Igwe Ofobuike ever locked the Ama gate during the Mass service conducted by Bishop Okeke. No one collaborated the story. Eric Ume-Ezeoke informed us that the Bishop decided to celebrate the Vigil Mass for Late Mrs. Theresa Ume-Ezeoke on 6th March 2017, in front of the gate due to the presence of the Nigerian Army and the thugs hired by the family of Late Theresa. The Nigerian Army prevented everyone from entering the Palace except the family of William Ume-Ezeoke. Igwe Ofobuike was not even aware of any Vigil Mass. Bishop Okeke never called Igwe Ofobuike regarding the Vigil Mass. There was so much chaos in the Palace and so much unrest that Igwe Ofobuike had to retire to his home to avoid any attack by the thugs hired by Rev. Fr. Tonna Ume-Ezeoke and Jeff okeke, to assure the forced burial of his late mother.

Our Conclusions

It is important to note that after everything that our excommunicated uncles and cousins have done to our brother Igwe Ofobuike, those our cousins living inside the Palace MUST VACATE THE PALACE. There is just no way they can continue to reside in the Palace after all the commotion they have caused to Ezeoke heritage. We sincerely plead with the family of Luke Douglas Ume-Ezeoke and William Akunwata Ume-Ezeoke to just vacate the Palace as ordered by Igwe Ofobuike. Igwe has offered to give you two plots of land at Agboanakpa and pay for the construction of your homes, just for your families to leave the Palace so that we can find peace for the first time since 1960. The continuing residence inside the Palace may become lethal someday. The hatred shown by those two families is just too deep to overcome. No sane person should ever have any sympathy for these people.

During our extensive interview with some individuals with the knowledge of the inner workings of Umeorimili, Ezeoke, Obiagu and Okpala circle, and our discussions with Igwe Ofobuike, Igwe Ofobuike stated emphatically that he never said that his uncles killed his father. Igwe Ofobuike rather stated that when he visited his father at our Lourdes’ Hospital in Ihiala in June 1979, that his father was in a Coma and stated that “My brothers are responsible for my death. They promised me that iwe nwanne adi elu n’okpukpu, but they conspired to kill me.”. Igwe said that since his father’s death, the hatred has been visited on him and his family because our current excommunicated cousins have revived and ratcheted the vicious cycle of hatred.

We spoke to some members of Obiagu Village to confirm whether Igwe Ofobuike ever stated that he will bring 44 Alusi to the palace. No one collaborated the story. The story is therefore false. Igwe Ofobuike stated that the deities in Amichi are chasing his accusers due to their indiscretions, and that the Alusi that they see is real because Alusi means “do not commit sacrilege.” When you do, you will be seeing several Alusi. The Alusi corresponds to the number of atrocities committed by the individual against the throne.

In conclusion, it is important to state here that all information in the letter titled
“UMEORIMILI FAMILY RUE OVER THE OPPROBRIUM OF HRH IGWE ALPHONSUS OFORBUIKE EZEOKE”, contain such vicious misstatements of facts and information crafted for the sole purpose of defaming Igwe Amichi for no reason. It seems that some of the same excommunicatd members of Umeorimili family that fought Igwe’s father are the same individual families fighting Igwe now in Umeormilli family.

We were shocked by the statements of the people that we interviewed and the curse they were yelling at the perpetrators of this Umeorimili family saga. We know that Igwe Ofobuike is the kindest person we know, yet he is being deliberately vilified by the same individuals he helped over the years. For instance, that excommunicated Afamefuna Luke Ume-Ezeoke who was recruited by Igwe haters to present himself for fake “Igwe Osu” coronation was Igwe Ofobuike’s Personal Assistant from 2003 to 2014, and that Igwe Amichi sent Afamefuna to the United States to stay with Igwe Amichi. That Igwe sponsored Afamefuna’s marriage, his Ozo title, paid his rent, school fees for his children, and paid Afamefuna $200 monthly salary, bought two cars for Afamefuna while he was in the US, started Ice-Cream business in Houston for him, helped procure several contracts for him, made him prominent in Amichi. When Afamefuna sold Igwe’s land to Chidi Anyaegbu, Igwe confronted Afamefuna. Chidi Anyaegbu decided to protect Afamefuna so that the sale would be upheld. Afamefuna decided to pitch his tent with Chidi Anyaegbu. That is the beginning of the problem in Umeorimili Family.

Afemefuna, Chukwuemeka Mathew, Alphonsus Jr., Ugochukwu William,
Chiedozie Geoffrey, and Tonna William, have all conspired with outsiders to create the type of chaos in Ezeoke family that will take years to mend. I heard several curses raining on our excommunicated Erring Irresponsible Cousins by members of Ezeoke family, both men and women. It will be difficult to survive such vicious curses. The revered Ezeoke family is under sale by some men who decided to place their bid with people in Amichi who had been waiting to destroy Ezeoke family. What is so appealing is that these our Erring Irresponsible Amajiri Cousins do not even realize nor care about the damage they are visiting on Ezeoke family. Ezeoke family must retreat and remake itself to preserve the heritage of our forefathers. Bringing ourselves to this bad level must be divine.

We again urge excommunicated Erring Irresponsible Almajiri Cousins, Afemefuna, Chukwuemeka Mathew, Ugochukwu William, Chiedozie Geoffrey, and Tonna William, to have a rethink. there is no one in Ezeoke family that is supporting your position. There is no one except yourselves in Umeorimili family that is supporting you. You are isolated by your brothers. Your false attacks against your brother Igwe Amichi are unacceptable. There is no atom of truth in everything that you have said or write about him. Your yearn for sympathy is so overrated. How could you people just make up so much story about someone, that are just so untrue?

Igwe Amichi tried to bring Innoson to Amichi, you now claim that he thwarted the project when it was you all with some of the men that are sponsoring you, that deliberately killed the project. You have sold most of our inherited land, but you claim that Igwe Ofobuike is the one selling them. You locked Igwe’s gate during the 2016 Amichi Ofala Festival, yet you claim that it was him that locked the gate.

You brought thugs and hid them inside the Palace to monitor Igwe your brother, yet you claim that he sent thugs to you. You have so viciously insulted him in every likely social media, yet you claim he is the antagonist. He has not sued you for your actions, but you have sued him, and claim that he sues everyone.

For you to insist that you must live in the same Palace with Igwe Amichi is just absurd. It is clear that you hate Igwe Ofobuike so much that you are willing to burn down the Ezeoke name. You must vacate the Palace to give him peace. You cannot continue this gameplay because it will lead to something fierce. The gods of Amichi must make a statement. An Ezeoke family member cannot be called “Our PA” by the detractors of the throne. The son of a King cannot become a servant just because he does not love the King.

It is important that members of Ezeoke family must summon a meeting immediately with the stakeholders who are sponsoring these individuals in Ezeoke family and bring this assault on the Ezeoke name to a screeching halt. A better Ezeoke is a better Anambra State.

Let us hope for a better tomorrow.

Honourable Chineme Edwin
Chairman, Umeorimili Family Group Ltd For the Family.

Analysts believe this defense is coming handy as the flamboyant traditional ruler has faced multiple renewed onslaught from his immediate family since the town union election saga.

It is believed that many aggrieved Amichi stakeholders understandably latched on the cracks within the Umu Umeorimili Royal Family to get back on Igwe Ofobuike.

AMICHI MAGAZINE shall Continue to monitor the developments on this issue..

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  4. Complete nonsense. Tell the so call oforbuike and his little childish sense to tell Amichians the truth. is oforbuike the real son of late NNAYERUGU. UME-OHIMIRI need DNA TEST for the prove to show up.i blame chineme and Abigi.soon very soon truth will come out.