INNOCENCE – By Buchi Jonathan Ofoneme

They were in young and in love. 

Still full of innocence their heart was pure.

In their teens but yet not under pressure. 

Their love was pure and not built on lust. 

They spent their days together and nights talking endlessly on the phone. 

She wasn’t going to love another like him.

He never saw another like he saw her.

She was still chaste and they bid their time waiting for that perfect night under the full moon. 

Where she would give herself to him without holding back. 

But life separated them as they grew older. 

Got admission into different institutions and the distance hurt them. 

But they still talked everyday and visited each other when they could. 

And yet they kept to their promise of waiting on their love. 

Life happened ….

She needed to do an assignment in school and an intelligent course mate offered to help. 

He invited her to her place and she didn’t have any doubts.

She had hopes that every man was a gentleman like her man. 

And after all it was in the middle of the day. 

What could happen in the day?  She thought. 

She got to his place and nothing seemed out of place. 

They started the assignment and there wasn’t anything to worry about. 

He offered her a drink and she accepted with good faith. 

She took a gulp and continued with her assignment… 

But, that was the last thing she remembers….

She woke up with a jerk and immediately felt different. 

She noticed her nakedness and quickly tried to cover up. 

Her assaulter sat grinning in the corner; a new story of conquest to tell the boys. 

He didn’t know what his “five minutes ” had done to her life. 

She thought about her man as tears rolled down her face. 

How could she face him after this shame? 

How could she be this stupid? 

She felt used and worthless. 

She blamed herself and kept the story to herself, 

Because the society will judge her same. 

And round and round we go! 

The circle never ends, as more innocent freshers lives are being destroyed every year. 

No one talks. 


A Contribution From The Author Of INSIDE LIFE Series, Buchi Jonathan Ofoneme, Lending His Voice To The #StopRape Campaign.

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