“INSIDE LIFE” With Buchi. (Episode 5)

The Bible ends


No, I wasn’t brought up that way. I was brought up to be kind, compassionate and understanding. So I tried to understand that even though I had a hand full of shit, “Everything happens for good” 🤢 It is God’s will. 

I was brought up in a strict Christan home, the early morning prayers, the night prayers, the don’t miss church service,the ‘it is what it is ” and all. So, as a child I had my complaints about being dragged out of bed to mumble prayers and also being dragged to church every Sunday to worship God. I didn’t understand it, and my little mind was overwhelmed with questions like;

 Who is God?

Who gave birth to him? 

How does everlasting work? 

When was the beginning and will there ever be an end? 

This was way too much for my little mind to carry, and I wasn’t convinced by the answers I got from my Parish Priest. So, most nights, I cried myself to sleep with overburdened mind and thoughts I couldn’t comprehend. I read the Bible looking for answers, but maybe due to lack of understanding ” I got more confused! 

But, I still went to church with the family and prayed one day I get the answers my mind so desperately seeked. 

One Sunday, like every other, we got ready for church,  piled into my moms old 504 Peugeot and drove down to church. I remember the priest in our church then was a stammerer, I don’t know why he would choose that career path knowing fully well he was required to speak to  a congregation. But like a miracle, whenever he stood on the altar to speak to us, his stammer disappeared.

Miracles do happen. 😁

So, as we sang the hymn for sermon, Revd Eric walked graciously and climbed the pulpit to deliver the sermon. As he said a short prayer before sermon, I had a feeling it was going to be different and so as I sat down, I took out my little Bible determined to follow this sermon till the end. 

“Today’s sermon is about the last instructions Jesus gave to us in the Bible”, the reverend said

I knew this was a special sermon😁😁, I was eager to hear Jesus last instructions. 

Open your Bible to Revelation chapter 22, read from verse 16, Reverend Eric continued

I scanned through my Bible to the very last page and read ahead, the message ended with, “The grace of Our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen. I felt good about the message and listened as the priest explained further on the relevance of the message and how we should prepare for the coming of Jesus Christ. 

The message was a strong one, and I really enjoyed it. 

But what I enjoyed more was that this is the end, finally…. 

As we strolled out of the church after the service, I tugged on my elder brothers arm happily and asked innocently, “Brother, what will we be doing next Sunday? “.

 He didn’t really understand my question so I thought to explain myself, “Since we had just finished the Bible and read the last instructions of Jesus Christ, which also is the last words of the Bible, do we still have a reason to come to church next Sunday “😂😂😂

In my mind, that was the end of the church as we had just finished it’s book and instructions. My elder brother couldn’t contain his laughter and very soon the whole church was laughing at my innocent stupidity 🤧🤧

The church didn’t end, and my questions were never truly answered, but I grew up to know not to ask certain questions. 

Some questions are better left unasked. 

Some things are better left unsaid. 

Do this, and you will long…… inside life! 😅

…….to be continued…

“INSIDE LIFE With Buchi” is a chronicle of personal life experiences of the writer Abuchi Jonathan Ofoneme. It is entirely the writer’s opinion and does not reflect the view of AMICHI MAGAZINE.

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  1. becky ifunanya says:

    Hahaha hahaha…

    Hope you have grown to understand the bible better