“INSIDE LIFE” With Buchi. (Episode 6)

Nearly Papa Junior 

Just admit you did it,

 I didn’t did it! I countered with a confused, uncertain tone. 

It was 5:20 am, and Mma was on her knees in my room crying and pleading that I admit I had sex with her while she was sleeping!

Confused?  I was too. Now let’s go back to where it all started… 

I first heard her laughter, and even without seeing her face I knew she had to be beautiful. So I wasn’t surprised when i saw her; her face was round and beautiful like the morning sun, her lips like rose petals and her skin glowed under the dim evening light. I never believed in love at first sight but this, she was testing his resolve. 

Being a shy guy that I was, I couldn’t walk up to her, so I asked one of the guys that she came with her name,”Adamma”

Now I really didn’t understand girls, and I never liked what I couldn’t understand. Like mathematics 

But growing up, that familiar fondness for them grew and very soon I was having my heart broken left, right and centre. But I thought Adamma would be different, with her I didn’t go through the stress of ‘chyking’. We just became really close friends and from there the feelings grew considerably. So it wasn’t out of place when she called me one Thursday night in school, saying she would come over to my place in school the next day to stay the weekend. 

I readily agreed, but I was broke in school then and I did want to impress my girl. So I took a loan from my friend Kizzy and got some provisions, kept the rest as flexing money. Still I wasn’t satisfied with my preparations so I went ahead to borrow Edu’s sound system and Achio’s generator. Mma was going to fall in love with me all over😂… She arrived later that Friday evening and I just couldn’t stop grinning. All the boys in the lodge were hailing me, calling me hype names,  “Baba for the girls ” “Chairman” “King of girls”. My head was swelling like fufu

I took her out to Orange, the biggest eatery in campus and got everything good on the menu. “Ego Di, Ngwa ahia di” I shouted at the waiter, trying to impress my girl. So, coincidentally, all we ate that night was bought outside and we didn’t take anything away from the place. We got back to the lodge and that was when she started acting weird, her phone kept on ringing and she would sneak off to answer long calls. I felt suspicious and bad at the same time, but then I was too happy to be unhappy. We started watching a movie on my laptop and not long into it, she complained about being tired from the whole stress of coming from her school to mine. So although I planned on scoring some points that night, I decided to play the decent guy and let her sleep; after all she was staying the whole weekend. 

She woke up around 4am, and went to the bathroom, I woke up too and used the bathroom after her. So when I came back to the room, she was sitting up pressing her phone, so this time I choose not to ignore her attitude and asked her what is wrong. She replied nothing and kept on pressing her phone, I decided to go back to sleep. But then she stopped me and asked if I touched her while she was sleeping? 

Yes, our body touched, we are on the same bed nah” I replied 

Not that kind of touch’ I mean did you touch (have sex)  me?, she asked again 

I laughed so hard thinking she was joking around, but she insisted and started tearing up. I became confused, how can I have sex with you while you slept and you didn’t wake up or know? Is that even possible? 

She insisted and that was what led to the initial arguments of ” I didn’t did it” , she cried and pleaded and all but I wasn’t going to admit what I didn’t do. So she packed her things and left very early that Saturday morning, although i kept on asking her to stay and tell me what was wrong that I could help, but all she  wanted was for me to admit I slept with her! 

Confused, Disorganized and desperate, I called a mutual friend of ours and told her everything that happened. She called Mma to get her own side of the story, but she almost as good as denied coming to visit me. Our friend became suspicious and after trying without success to get her to talk, she threatened to report the matter to her mum. That immediately prompted her to agree to say the truth…. 

Now this was what happened, 

Adamma, was a good girl,  that got carried away by school life. She got pregnant and the guy responsible wasn’t forthcoming, so she planned with the guy to pin the pregnancy on a certain naive boy (that’s me🙄) she knew, so all through she was communicating with the guy(explains why she was always on the phone) and the loophole in the whole plan was that I was a good guy(Betapikin) that decided not to touch her. 

Narrow escape I guess, I would have been a father taking care of another man’s child with no idea of what happened. So, now I live with the fear of what would have been….  I became more careful in my dealings with the other gender and my days have been long. 

Inside this Life, Fear women

…….to be continued…

“INSIDE LIFE With Buchi” is a chronicle of personal life experiences of the writer Abuchi Jonathan Ofoneme. It is entirely the writer’s opinion and does not reflect the view of AMICHI MAGAZINE.

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