Jubilation In Amichi As Kidnapped Mother And Her Two Kids Regain Freedom(See Photos)

****Onyekachukwu Chukwuka, Reporting****

On the 14th of April, 2021, One Mr Chukwudalu okonkwo from ihuoji Utuh in Nnewi south LGA of Anambra state kidnapped Mrs Chiamaka umennakihe and her two kids. They hail from isioma Ebenasa Amichi. On that fateful day, according to her, he used medicine on her when he came to their house asking her to bring her kids so that they will keep them to motherless babies and he will send her to outside the country and if she come back she will come and take back the kids. Unknown to her, Mr Chukwudalu ask her to bath and bath her kids, and she wholly do the same, and thereafter he took them away. The first place the kidnapper keep them is at nnewi, where they tested those two kids and confirmed that their genotype is AA noted that their blood is good.

After the nurse carried the test, the kidnapper went out and when he come back same day it is almost night, She took chiamaka to one hotel where she slept with another lady who make sure she cannot run away from that hotel. But before then, the kidnapper has took these two babies away from her. On next morning, a man come to that hotel in Oba and tell her to come and sign a document which she did. But at point she is still not herself.

After the incidence she found her self at Oko where she meet another girl named Chinecherem (from Ebonyi state) who the same kidnapper promise to marry her in Easter this year. He took her and her son to Anambra state. He also took the baby to mid wife in nnewi where the test was also carried out. And after take the son away from the mother and abducted them in Oko. According to Chinecherem, she said the guy come to their place in January this year and promised to marry her. The guy did not disclose his identify to her parents and the girl. He told them he is from Oba while the guy is from Utuh and he gave th wrong name.

When the time reached for the Easter he promised to marry her, their is no sign. She started to ask him where his son is, Mr Chukwudalu keep telling him that the son is at Abuja with his mother.

So after staying about a week in Oko, Chukwudalu using spell on her and told her to call her mum sister who leave in Abuja which she did. Before then Chukwudalu has collected her phone so that she cannot call anybody. So her mum sister ask chiamaka where is she and she said In Lagos and she also asked her who is she staying with, and chiamaka said with her friend from Nnewi and my her mum sister asked her to give the number to that her friend, which she did,( but at this point it is Chinecherem who Chukwudalu abducted at Oko is the one answering the call). and her mum sister tell her if anything happens to Chiamaka and her two kids, she will answer for it and she said no problem. At this point, it is Chukwudalu that is telling them what they are saying.

After this incidence the same kidnapper went to kidnapped chiamaka’s shop and ask about her and the parents tell him that chiamaka call and said she is in Lagos, and he said there is no problem. According to him, he said what is important is for her to stay there and survive. After then he gave Chiamaka parents #3000 and the two others of chiamaka twins #500, not knowing that he is the one kidnapped them.

So after about two weeks of staying in Oko, chiamaka dreamed where her grandmother slapped her and asked her where is her kids, and on that dream, those kids are crying. So she wake up and started to look for her two kids for the first time.
So she approched one woman who is lecturer in Oko, that living beside where he abducted them and explain to her having gotten her self. The woman told her, it is those kidnapper, ritualist or child traffickers used to do such thing. She advised her to call their people but she advised chiamaka that she should not make her notice that the medicine has gone out of her so that the kidnapper will not run away or kill her.
So only number chiamaka can remember is that her Anty ( Mrs Onyinye Okonkwo from Umuokpala Eziama ) who lives in Abuja. She call her and explain to her. On hearing this, she put call to his brother named Chukwudike Onyeka. Who with the collaboration with chiamaka dad, went to report the matter to Igwe and PG utuh where the kidnapper hailed from and thereafter they told us to go and report the case to Amichi police station which they did. After writing the statement, the Amichi police station went to Oko to arrest the kidnapper but was not around, so they collaborated with Oko police station and Oko vigilante to get him arrested.
On next fateful day, early morning, chiamaka went out and ride a motor that is going to Ekwulobia and call Chukwudalu and told him that she is in Ekwulobia missing, and she also called the security and tell him that she is going to Ekwulobia,but the vigilante tell her to come back to Oko, noting that he can not come to Oko and arrest person.

Meanwhile When Chiamaka is about riding the car, Chinecherem saw her and put a call to Chukwudalu and told him that he don’t know where chiamaka is going so immediately he drive him and started to pack his luggages inorder to escape having noticed that something is wrong. He told Chinecherem that chiamaka wanted to put him in trouble. So after packing their property about to ride his bike and run away with Chinecherem, luck cut out of him, when the Oko vigilante has surrounded him and he come down from his bike and start to run, so they caught him from mighty erosion where he jump him inorder to run away. There is heavy mob on him, who beat him into coma.
So the vigilante later brought him back to Oko police station and informed Amichi Ochi police station that the kidnapper has been arrested. So they went there and bring him back to Amichi.
On seeing him, the DPO of Amichi requested that he should be taking to hospital which the complainant Mr. Chukwudike Onyeka took him there and offset the bills and doctors give him necessary attention and revived him.

He was later bring back to Police station for detention and interrogation. The case was later transferred to Awka state CID next day.

At the Awka state CID, the deputy commissioner of police, interrogated them and thereafter, when he asked Chukwudalu where are the 3 kids, he said he has sold them. Mr Chukwudalu later bring 3 numbers of those he used to transact business of child trafficking and the police people suggested that we should go and arrange for tracking of this number bcos of insecurity situation now, they will not took him along with them for arrest. So those people that used to track numbers said they will use #300,000 to track those 3 no’s. So they started with one person. On 23rd June being a Sunday, they track one of them inside Church in Ihiala, and unknown to them he is pastor of that church. He was arrested and bring back to Awka state CID.

During the investigation, the pastor confessed that he has sold those kids to one in Imo state.. The police men was escorted to go and arrest the woman and bring back the babies.

To the glory of God, both Chiamaka Umennakihe and her two kids namely miss Chikaima and Chikamsi umennakihe has miraculously in Amichi. Indeed what God cannot do does not exist. God is still God. He can do what no man can do.

The kidnapper is still in police net at state CID Awka and the police is still making arrest. Because he is suspect of about 19 kids missing in Amichi since January 1 this year.

A big appreciation to those individuals that in one way or another, contributed in rescuing those kids and mother. I appreciate Sir S N Okeke (Ochendo Amichi), CSO to Anambra state government Mr. Aniagbaoso, Anambra state women development, NAPTIPS Anambra state, Mr. Lazarus Obiajulu, Mrs Nzewi ( mama Nkemjika), Mr. Chinonso chukwudike, former PG ADU, Some PG from Nnewi south, Bro. Uchenna Goodluck, Mrs Onyinye Okonkwo, ADU Abuja branch, Mr. Afamefuna Ubajekwe, Chukwudike ThankGod and many others.

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    What God cannot do does not exist

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