Meet 9 years old Sophia Chukwudalu Dennis: A Passionate makeup artist

All About Me
MY name is Sophia Chukwudalu Dennis. I am nine years old. I am in Basic four. I am a makeup artist by profession. I would like to share my entrepreneurial skill and “Makeup story” with you.

Makeup has been a skill I love, a source of inspiration to motivate and engage my creative mind, which makes me stand out among my friends.

I love to bring out the star in every woman, and this is a passion for me.

Please, journey with me and let’s create a magical shining star makeup Moment with Sophia. Welcome, mum and friends to my mini make-up booth.

Usually, I start by asking my mum, friends and clients the kind of fashion statement and collections they want to rock to the event. Then, I focus on colours of the fashion wears to create my makeup story details, in line with their collections and the kind of event they want to attend. After this, I take the picture of my client before and after makeup.

I use my makeup brushes to bring out the magnificent and radiant beauty of every woman with my creative mind, experience and skilled hands.

The challenges I have encountered in this field include not being able to achieve perfection when making up my clients’ faces, due to lack of high-quality makeup kits and other items used for face works to make them look alluringly beautiful. These items include original liquid powder, foundation, lipsticks, bronze and brushes.

Presently, I have cheap ones, but these have not been giving me what I want in this profession, and the fact is giving me concern because of no financial support.

Those That Inspire Me
First and foremost, I get my inspiration from God, because He is the One that gives human beings the ability and excellence for any enterprise.

Also, my role models are my mum, Uncle Pascal King (CEO Unique Kids & Teen Club) and Actresses Chika Ike, Destiny Etiko and Ngozi Ezeonu.

Combining My School Works And My Skill
I normally do my makeup work after school hours and during weekends. It does not affect my school work in any way.

Advice To Other Children
I would like to encourage other kids to try and bring out the best of who they are by working hard to discover their talent and who they are. They should also be creative, determined, focused and set a sensible goal they will achieve in life.

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7 Responses

  1. Ahiazu Ekene says:

    At this age?
    You will definitely be great

  2. Aniebue Nwaribeakunnaya chiamaka says:

    Nne keep it, very beautiful u were able to know ur talent and working towards it

  3. Ujunwa Grace says:

    Wow!!!! This is beautiful

  4. becky ifunanya says:

    Skill is a great asset, kudos to her

  5. Chioma Vicky says:

    Hmm…Nine years old??? As big as she looks…

  6. Anointed-Prince Jonachuksluv says:

    What a good start for a girl like her. I wish her parents will give her the best support they can afford now and make her the world best. Wishing you the very best dear. See you at the top