Mischievous “Photoshop” Designed To Pit Obiano Against FG Fails.

A mischievously “photoshoped” image which appears to show a block barricade being mounted at the entrance point of the Niger bridge has raised eyebrows among social media users.

The poorly crafted image which ostensibly emanated from mischief makers within the Anambra State political space showed up days after the government released images of iron barricade mounted at Anambra state border with Enugu state at Amansea.

It is worthy of note that Niger bridge and its access road connecting Delta State and Anambra state is a federal government property, which makes it impossible for state government to act on it without express authorization from the federal government.

The bridge connecting the East and the West has been a subject of debate over time regarding its ability to tally much longer, with the construction of 2nd Niger bridge on the front burner for decades.

The flouting of “No Interstate Movement Oder” by Nigerians across the country has made governors of several states to improvise means of securing their borders which includes mounting barricades. Interstate movements have been banned for weeks to curb the spread of COVID-19, but numerous reports of arrests across the country has thrown the order into serious doubt.

In Anambra state, the political space has been heating up lately as the 2021 gubernatorial election draws near. Political gladiators and political parties have been measuring wits in different social media fora. It is not surprising that such a poor photoshop trick made it’s way out, apparently to paint the incumbent in bad light.

The coming days will be nothing less than dramatic, as AMICHI MAGAZINE promises to keep you informed of all developments.

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  1. Ugochukwu umesegha says:

    Thanks for clearing the air

  2. Victor says:

    Very funny