Mixed Feelings As Mayor Of Amichi Marks His Birthday.

15th May of every year is greeted with razzmatazz as events marking the birth anniversary of Sir Dr Jeff Maduchem Okeke(Mayor Of Amichi) comes amid funfair.

In this year’s birthday, in a rather not surprising move, the Mayor while thanking God for another memorable year, declared his sadness at the turn of events owing to the ravaging COVID-19 pandemic.

In a birthday message from Sir Jeff obtained by amichimagazine.com, the People’s Mayor wrote:

“It’s my Birthday by Special grace of God. This Year’s Birthday will not be Celebrated at all. I mourn with many families that lost and still losing their loved ones to Covid -19 pandemic. My prayers are with you all. I dedicate my celebration today in asking God for MERCY on His CHILDREN all over the World. Heal as many who are at point of death in Jesus Christ name Amen.”

While respecting the Mayor’s wish to make the celebration a “low-key” one, all of us at amichimagazine.com cannot afford to drop our trumpet to a man who has done so much for humanity and given so much to his town Amichi. We say, HAPPY BIRTHDAY PEOPLE’S MAYOR!!

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8 Responses

  1. Timothy Chibueze says:

    On this day I humbly celebrate and appreciate my Boss indeed, a propagator of progress, right thinking personality, a man always ready to fight a just cause without fear or favour. A man that single handedly sponsor my new University discoveries projects. Infect I lack word to express your characteristics & components your made up with. I strongly believe that God is using you to turned things around in this present generation. I’m very privileged to identify & attached with you. Elohim still has the best for you and it must come. Lots of love from my family.


    Happy birthday to the great son of the soil. a man with love. A great lion of our time. The peaceful maker. I wish you many more birthday With a good quality more blessing life . happy birthday great son

  3. Obiekwe Mmaduabuchi says:

    Happy birthday to you Mayor Amichi

  4. chinedu emmanuel uzuegbu says:

    Nice one keep it up bro

  5. becky ifunanya says:

    Happy birthday to him