NCC unveils proposed internet projects, initiatives for Nigeria

In line with global best practices, Nigeria’s regulator for the telecommunications’ industry, the Nigerian Communications Commission which oversees the activities of the nation’s service providers including providers of Internet services has unveiled its planned and proposed internet related projects and initiatives it has adopted in line with global best practices.

The internet’s planned projects, according to the commission’s post on its website include the following: Internet Code of Practice (ICoP), Internet Code of Practice (ICoP) (423 KB), Nigerian Child Online Protection, Keeping Children Safe Online – Advice To Parents And Caregivers (1.06 MB), and Development of National Internet Registry database.

The Commission also documents information on all IP addresses allocated to Nigeria by AFRINIC. Such information is utilized for various regulatory activities relating to security on the internet.

The Commission further revealed that it is now a member on the board of Internet Exchange Point of Nigeria, IXPN.

Similarly, NCC is collaborating with some internet related bodies in relation to Internet Governance. They are: Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NIRA), Nigerian Internet Governance Forum (NIGF), Internet Governance Forum (IGF), Internet Corporation for Assigned Names & Numbers (ICANN).

The Commission is in further collaboration with the African Network Information Centre (AFRINIC), and Internet resource and Infrastructure information.

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