NCDC Accredits Accunalysis Diagnostic Center Nnewi As COVID-19 Testing Lab.

NCDC has accredited a COVID-19 Lab testing centre in Anambra courtesy of High Chief Callistus Ifenna Okeke who provided his facility, Accunalysis Diagnostic Center, Nnewi.

This is the 26th NCDC COVID-19 testing lab in Nigeria.

Accunalysis Diagnostic Center, Nnewi is a private laboratory hospital owned by Chief Callistus Ifenna Okeke, a member of Anambra Progressives.

Chief Callistus Ifenna Okeke

Anambra Progressives is a group of prominent ndi Anambra who have come together to put back the state on the map of the centre of excellence.

The Centre has excellent world class facilities for the testing of COVID-19 samples which can be deployed for detection of the virus and even beyond.

This Centre has reduced the huge cost of logistics and other inconveniences taking COVID-19 samples to other states for tests.

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