This is a humble and passionate appeal to all men and women of goodwill from Amichi in all Amichi interest based social media platforms, chairmen, admin, and members of such platforms. I make this appeal on the grounds that a time like this many years ago, it was a couple of social clubs in Amichi that stepped up to rescue Amichi, and gingered others too to champion several development projects in the town. Today most members of those clubs are retired, and the clubs are in limbo. In their stead we now have social media platforms where we share matters of Amichi interest. That’s why I’m making this clarion call. Pls share also to other Amichi platforms to which you have access to.

Our town Amichi is fast sliding into relegation in the committee of towns. The two key reasons are non existent ADU LEADERSHIP and the Comatose state of our supposedly Amichi ultramodern market.

To summarily refresh our minds on the ADU leadership question, around last year Easter, Okpala quarter, whose turn it is to present a candidate for the office of the PG, presented two candidates -one from Obiohia village and another from Eziama, and elections were held amidst some controversies. The candidate from Obiohia won the election, but the opposition refused to accept the result of that election. The state government stepped in and organized another election which she supervised. Again the candidate from Obiohia won. The opposition still refused, and used the close connection of some people in their camp with the state governor to stall any further progress on the matter. It is close to a year now and the matter is still lingering. This is setting Amichi town many years backwards and we shouldn’t continue folding our hands and watch it happen. We should come together, join forces and resources to rescue Amichi. We shouldn’t be talking about elections in Nigeria or elsewhere while feigning ignorance of election matters in our own home town. Do we not know that charity begins at home? Group leaders and members should take active interest in seeing that this leadership tussle is resolved amicably so that we’ll move forward as a town.

Also, the comatose state of our supposedly ultra modern market is one of the many unfortunate fall outs of the leadership squabbles and failures in Amichi. The so called market is an eyesore very unbefitting of successful and notable trading warriors and magnets like Amichians. The stalls are rickety and gully erosions are wearing down many structures. Robbers raid the market using lorries and trucks to cart away the goods of moderately successful traders in the market ( despite the fact that some individuals continue to extort security levy on monthly basis from the traders) and nobody is held accountable. The only one story block in the market has been under useless litigation and locked up for years. What a people, what a shame! O kwa mmadu nwe ogodoa umu ewu na-atari? Mmadu o nokwa n’uno, gboo nu?

Markets have very strong spiritual connotations in Igbo land and remain one of the key structures that drive development in Igbo land. We name ourselves according to our market days (perhaps only ndi Igbo do this). A peoples market is their holy ground, and houses the town’s deity. A people are as good and honorable as their market is. As it stands, Eke Amichi is the most abhorred market in the whole of the local govt and its environs. We need to change the nonsense.

With all the technocrats and billionaires from Amichi, there is no single functional bank in the whole of Amichi. For any bank transaction that can’t be done with POS, we have to run to Nnewi. Gbo, ka m juo, ifele ona-emekwadi anyi? Tufiaaaaa! Alu kwusi, bikonu.

Amichi, teta nu n’ura! Chi efogo. I beg you.

Ejikeme Ojukwu
My apologies for any error in this narrative, it is not intentional.

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