Proposed Anambra Progressives Industrial Park in Amichi Set To Kickoff As ‘Umu Ume-Ezeoke’ Draws Battleline

The memorandum of understanding between Amichi and Anambra Progressives Development Union which will see the former donate land while the later cites Industrial Park was signed yesterday at the palace of his royal majesty, Igwe Ofobuike Ezeoke of Amichi at Imeobi Ezeoke.

An internal memo of APDU exclusively obtained by AMICHI MAGAZINE shows that that the official groundbreaking ceremony for the massive project will be held tomorrow 16th January 2021 at the proposed project site in Amichi. The letter reads:


It is with great pleasure that we wish to inform distinguished members of this forum that today, we formally signed our Industrial Park and Bonded Terminal Memorandum of Understanding between Amichi Town and Anambra Progressives and Development Union at the palace of HRH Igwe Barrister Dr. Ofobuike Ezeoke (Igwe Amichi). This Memorandum of Understanding was signed, sealed and consummated by a delegation of the Anambra Progressives Conveners Committee, Igwe Amichi and community Stakeholders.

To the glory of God, all is now set for our Groundbreaking ceremony scheduled to hold on Saturday; January 16, 2021. It is worthy of note to state that this is an epoch making feat that will further strengthen our local economy, create thousands of employment opportunities and stand as a reference point for unborn generations. Congratulations to every member of this forum for accomplishing this historic milestone!

Conclusively, members of this forum within Anambra State should kindly indicate so as to enable us make substantive arrangements for the groundbreaking ceremony.

May God in his infinite mercy continue to crown our noble efforts with resounding success!

Senator (Dr.) Ifeanyi Ubah
(Chief Convener)

Pharm. Sam Ubachukwu [Mkpu Ogiliga Ichi]
(Vice Chairman, Conveners Committee)

Chief Frank Okafor [ Igwulube Ojoto ]
(Director of Finance, Conveners Committee)

Chief Sir Tony Okonkwo[Okpata Ozuora Ojoto ]
(Director of Projects, Conveners Committee)

Sir Nnamdi Obi [Ozodinaobi Osumenyi]
(Director of Operations, Conveners Committee)

However, in a sharp twist to the development, a letter obtained by AMICHI MAGAZINE signed by UMEORIMILI UME-EZEOKE ROYAL FAMILY shows that all is not well within the Ume-Ezeoke royal circle.

In the letter, stern warning was issues to anyone who is doing any land business with Igwe Ofobuike is doing so at his own risk, reiterating that the traditional ruler is not the representative of UMU UMEORIMILI Ume-Ezeoke royal family.

The letter

Palpable tension has gripped concerned citizens of the community as uncertainty greets the outcome of the MOU following the letter.

Recall that APDU had before now constructed a number of projects across the state, especially in the health sector.

AMICHI MAGAZINE shall continue to monitor the development.

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10 Responses

  1. Ichi jamuike says:

    Disregard the spelling mistakes, and some sentence mistakes and focus on the real history.
    Geaology of Amichi.

    Anyway the project is good and bad. Good in saying the Igbo’s think home and want to establish it. Bad is that Amichi doing have 200acre of land to accommodate such project.

    I never head of Agbomili before in Amichi, all we hear in Amichi is agu-ugwu-ochi, beside I don’t think the entire agu-ugwu-ochi can be own by one person, Umeohimili belongs to kindred in obi-agu and Obi-agu belongs to Didi, while Didi is first son of Amichi follow by Eze-ude, Ebenasaa and Afube.

    Is not about announcing on facebook, facebook is not a place of announcement for Amichi. Make sure the kindred and quarter involve in Eziama are carry along, because the kindred and the quarter has being exist before Umeohimili, so coming here to announce it acquire by umeohimili and you have the certificate doesn’t make sense to free readers. We know that the place in question is Eziama quarter, and in a community, in that community it belongs to kindred or some family. So for umeohimili to acquire it most passes through a family to kindred and to community if possible Eziama may be aware.

    As we all know Iguedo gave birth to Okotu and his brothers, then okotu gave birth to Eneke and his brothers with 1 female, he use a larger space of land to settle Eneka as Inheritance. As is customs of Eri descendant to settle their male son with land as inheritance since is only profitable thing then.

    Eneke a great hunter continue his life in his inherited land where he was blessed with four recorded male children’s. Didi, Eze-Ude, Ebenasaa and Afube, he shares his properties according to numbers of his children’s. He never hand his properties to any of to take care of or in other to share to his children’s later. He shares including his Oracles, Didi inherits Ulasi as his chi, Eze-udene and the less each inherits Udoo. Later Eze-Udene made another additional god (Ngrinze) to protect his inheritance and children’s that is reason you see Ngirize in every Eze-udene land property.

    Now son’s of Didi are Ebenator Okpala, Eziama, Obiohia, Obiagu,Ogbodi now autonomous town) Ihu-achasi the only female the same womb with Obiohia. Didi compound is along Afubbe road behind (ogwugwu-ehi-onyejiri-kpata-aku, but no building there is empty land)Remember from Obiagu you get a man who owns kindred that gave birth to Umeohilim grand fathers. This show that Amichi has been living for over 6 hundred years before umeohimili. He didn’t own Eneke/Amichi instead Amichi own him. So if someone wants Igwe to donate the land whose land is he going to donate?

    Remember Nnachi and his kinsmen come to Amichi with Odinana from Nnachi, Alochkwu and was welcome by Dedi ,and was given a place to live by Dedi, because of benefit Dedi and his children’s will get from he’s chi Odinana, Odinana temple still there as evidence of this history till today. The orginal owner of Odinana are Nnachi, while Dedi own the land where Nnachi and Odinana situated. Today Dedi and his children’s take Ezeani title at Nnachi chi temple, while Eze-udene continues taken Ezeani title at temples of their ancestors Eze-mewu temple.

    Here are Son’s of Eze-Udene, Okpokolo, Umudim, Umu-nwehi, Ihe,Ebenator Udene, Ojiezeka,
    Eze-udene also share the land properties he inherited from his father Eneke to his seven children’s, Eze-ude oden compound still exist near Ugwebuike hall Okpokolo, theirs is a hall building there.
    This system of father sharing his properties started early from Eri to his children’s then to Iguedo to Okotu to Eneka to Didi, Udene, Ebenasaa, Afube and to villages, kindred and to families until today 2021. So land of communities in Amichi never lay in hand of only king Amich ever has, Amichi don’t use to King. What Amich is use to is OBI of Amichi, the Obi’s has being lotating withing Ebenator Okpara families and instituted by Nri-ifekani, which the influence of Eze Nri authority as emperor is reason we have Nri community in Amichi, as supreme king messenger just as federal staff today. The deference is that they live where they where send to and their duty is to make sure Obi’s were install according to customs and others activities related to customs and authority. These Nri people were welcome by Eneke and were given a place to live by the owner of the Eneke, and they install first OBI of Amichi during the time of Eneke. Thereafter installation of Obi of Enek/Amichi continues Obi after of as it rotates in families of Ebenator Okpara mostly (umunna Ihu-new-eke) its continues till something happens the Obi seat was given to extend family to hold on with agreement to return it back to Ebenator Okpara, till today ebenator Okpara is still waiting for retuning of their Obi as it has change from OBI to King. So Amich has started exist with customs lay down to then by Eneke before Umeohimili. So if anyone approaches Igwe for land that is good. But I never heard of, or see Amichi public or community lands, own together by one quarter as Didi land talkess of the one entire Amichi own together that the king will give out. Because the founder of Amichi, share his properties each to every of his children’s.

    One time king because he change from Obi to King when white come, following white make him not to take title of Eze-ani as highest title of the land. All the past Obi’s start from being and Ozo title and upgrade to Ozo-Eza-ani before mounting to the seat of Obi. Obi’s main duty is to make sure that all rituals were performing at appropriates time for more prosperity, protection and women safe delivery for multiplications. The Obi’s cabinate use to make up with Ozo and Eze-ani title men from from all the communities, and each community head must also be and elder title men.

    Why chosen title men is because the take oat from Oracles that they will not see white and say is black because of Aka-azu, or to avoid OBI/King doing otherwise with impunity that no one will question him. Then any of leaders that misbehave get its dead reward immediately. That is reason during the time of one of the OBI’s who committed evil hand over the seat to outside to hold for them till he finishes cleansing of his atrocities else the oracle will kill him. After some years of handing over the seat to umeohimili to hold on, the white come and everything turns off side down.

    First was slave merchant coming to Amichi to buy slaves, the slave merchant continues because the leaders take title from the white instead of from oracle as customs demand. By then Nri kindom has fallen to white supremacy so nowhere to report the sacrilege. The king was so inferential in slave business that he has courage to buy the chief priest of Udoo Afube who his brother round up in during night and sold to Umeohimili. By next morning Udoo show a serious sing in the king compound which cause fear to king and after divination. The Udoo says that his son and children’s will be given a new land to live from king inheritance in Obiagu. That is how that Afube family remains an influential family in Obiagu. They have reclaimed their family house and land in Afube about 10 or 15 years ago.

    Amichi was once and envy of Eneke brothers mostly Osumenyi in area of peace, prosperity and long life but is not that way today because we don’t have title men that takes oath of holiness from the oracle, the evil men in Amichi trying their best to destroy the religion of Eneke to enable them to carry of evil.
    I wish Igwe will introduce law to prohibit anyone from destroying any oracle. The traditional religion and Eneke is the same blood so why being against. There’s freedom of worship let anyone worship the one that suite him. Bili kam Bili
    Please let all parties involve make sure that the large land in question did not cause problem that can make people involve to break away from being part of Amichi, as slave trade of one time king of Amichi make Ogbodi to form autonomous town.
    I think After Igwe gave them his grandfather land at Ezi-ama community; The Anambra progressive can approach communities who may have community land, which I am not sure there is.

    Some families that have up to 50 plots of land are those that participated in selling their brothers as slave over 100 years ago, so directly the land belongs to a family in a kindred, in a community in, a quarter in Amichi. Which have been in existence for over 900 years before Umeohimili.

    The project is good but whose land; we all know there’s no land enough for it in Amichi, unless there is slave trade like in mind of some people. May be using force to pack a village in a trailer and send them to God and sell their land to investors. We know that the slave issue is reason some people run to oracle to protect them and we know the remaining history. Are we going to wake up Egwugwu, Ajani, Otawala-ikpo, Udoo, Okpa-mma even Nkpukpa and all the Oracles in every community as our ancestors reserve it for protections of their children’s? Amichi is a community that has being enjoing peace since I was born; I pray this project continue to keep Amichi in peace. I will reserve this article in a diary for generation to come. Because Mr. Moses Ntika from who told me this entire story when I was a boy is no more and I need to pass it down to next generation.

    Umeohimili doesn’t own Amichi, instead Amichi own umeohimili.

    Seat of king in Ezeoke family is not Royal and shall in time return back to Ebenator okpara or it will lead to many autonomous community spring up from Amichi

  2. Chuks says:

    This is a scam how can you doing something like this with out informing real owners of the land well let’s know the outcome

  3. CJ says:

    It is a good project but Igwe should have informed the Umunna for approval before giving out the land. That is how things are done. It is a collectively owned land.

  4. NDUBUISI says:

    The cock has Crown, Morning has come….

  5. Ogechkwu says:

    This is a welcome development, God pls make it possible for my home town.Amin

  6. Obi Desmond says:

    Who and who is now the rightfull owner of the land.

  7. de pilot says:

    Whyvis it that people always know of their properties when developments wants to come?

  8. Bawanye says:

    Thanks Amichi magazine for this news, but if I may ask, those lands mentioned above, do they belong to Ezeoke family?

  9. Veronifeoma says:

    God what kind of thing is this? Good thing is coming to our community and this family are obstacles to it. God pls intervene

  10. Mkpurumma says:

    Very funny.. Who’s is the Igwe now representing if not his entire family? Fight go really start tomorrow.