REGARDING AMICHI PRESIDENT GENERAL IMPASSE: Why Illegality Cannot Stand – By Igwe Ofobuike

Please remember that the President General of Amichi is not to be usurped. There was an election conducted by ndi Okpala on December 31, 2020, that emerged Chukwuemeka Ezekiel Udogu of Obiofia, by a vote of 39 to 60, with one disqualification. Some factions in Ebenator Okpala objected that they did not participate in the December election. To that effect, the Commissioner for Chieftaincy and Town Union Matters, summoned me to Awka. When I arrived at the Commissioner’s office, I saw others from Udene, Afube, and Ebenasaa. I remained silent until the Commissioner requested my input. I did not participate in the election, nor did I observe it. I only informed the Commissioner of the prevailing agreement regarding rotational PG in Amichi and how it was Okpala’s turn. Based on the objections of ndi Ebenator Okpala, the Commissioner ordered a new election and the modalities thereto.

The Commissioner’s office sent a notice to Okpala president with a clear itemized list of the procedure for the election. As far as I knew, everyone participated from Obiagu, Eziama, Ebenato Okpala, Uhuachasi, and Obiofia. Commissioner’s representative, Gerald Akaeze, declared Chukuwemeka Udogu as the president-elect of ADU.

Sir Bernard Afoka also called me and informed me of the result of the election: Chukwuemeka Ezekiel Udogu – 52, Cletus Udebuani – 48. The election was conducted via Option A-4, which was requested by the participants, and ordered by the Commissioner for Chieftaincy and Town Union Matters, Chief Greg Obi.

It is actually true that Mr. Udebuani lost twice to Udogu. I was later informed that since Udogu is “Igwe’s man” that Amichi cannot elect a PG that will work with Igwe. For that, some sections in Amichi allegedly hoisted Udebuani as the PG without anyone’s participation.

For any town union election to be legitimate, the office of the Commissioner for Chieftaincy and Town Union Matters MUST be present. The Commissioner’s office was present during the Okpala election that produced Udogu. The Commissioner called and told me that he will be presenting the certificate of recognition to Udogu. Without the presence of the Commissioner’s office, any emergence of any candidate for the office of PG of any town is void, as if the election never occurred. Please go to the Commissioner’s office and verify. They were present when Okwuemenwa was affirmed as the PG. The Commissioner’s office appointed Sir Emma Okafor as the chairman of ADU Caretaker Committee.

As previously stated, Okiyi called the governor and stalled the presentation of the certificate of office to Udogu. I personally called Okiyi. He told me to bring proof of the emergence of Udogu, and that he will support him if such proof is provided. I requested a video of the election and sent it to Okiyi. I was later informed that Okiyi insisted that Udogu should not be the PG because Udogu would work with Igwe. I am not antagonizing Okiyi at all. I admire Okiyi for his success. I am always proud to tell people that Chisco is from Amichi. I have no issues with Okiyi at all. He knows that my statements are factually accurate. I have no reason to embellish my interactions with Okiyi for my personal gain. Let no one write to support him. I am not at war with him. He is my friend. I am just stating facts that will help us emerge out of our current doldrums.

Since then, I have been following and watching people congratulating Udebuani for the PGship in Amichi that HE DID NOT WIN. Everyone is pretending as if the election of April 27, 2021, where the Commissioner’s office conducted the Amichi election, did not occur. The video is the irrefutable evidence of the properly conducted election.

If anyone contends that Udebuani was elected as the PG of Amichi, please I would like to see evidence of the election, the date of the election, the villages that participated in the election, the presence of the Commissioner’s office, who in the Commissioner’s office conducted the election and any video evidence of the election that produced Cletus Udebuani? Further, did Obiagu, Obiofia, Uhuachasi, Eziama, the 7% designated for Emmab’s Ebenator Okpala, participate in the aforesaid election?

If anyone has the video of the April 27, 2021 that was conducted by the Commissioner’s office that produced Udogu, please send it for everyone to see.

I met Chukwuemeka Ezekiel Udogu for the first time in January of 2021. He is not my candidate, but his demeanor and educational background overqualified him for the office of the PG of Amichi. He is the current president general of Obiofia. I initially objected to his emergence because I had never heard of him, nor ever seen him. I do not know if he will make a good PG, but we need to give him a chance to fail or succeed. He may not be the perfect candidate, but he is qualified and a true son of Amichi. It was his people that elected him.

Mr Emeka Udogu-Ezekiel (Adjudged Winner of the ADU presidential election)

Eziama bu ndi Nnamochie.
I respect and revere them, but I told them that they hold all the offices designated for ndi Okapala and that they should allow their brothers to hold some of the Okpala offices. All Okpala-designated offices are held by someone from Eziama. I was accused of partiality. I was even accused of stating that someone’s home should be burnt down. The accusations are meant to convince everyone of my meddlesomeness. The statement was made by Sopulu when he was accused of working against ndi Didi. He made the statement in absence of malice because he was trying to convince everyone that he is not a saboteur. I will leave it at that.

We cannot cry of election rigging and the disenfranchisement of the voters in Anambra and Nigeria, when we are practicing the same act in our dear town. Someone won an election twice, in the abundant hoohaa, and we are hoisting the loser of the election as if he won. Such political albatross is the genesis of our current quagmire.

I will once again ask Udebuani Nnamochie to step aside and allow the duly elected Udogu to lead Amichi. Your quarter spoke loudly during the election that you participated in. I am not really sure why everyone is pretending that Udebuani won the Okpala election.

In the interest of productivity and oneness, I ask Okiyi again, to call the Commissioner Obi, and seek the recognition of nwagi nwoke bu Udogu as the rightfully elected president of Amichi, as mandated by the Commissioner’s office.  The support of Udebuani is a wasted energy that will continue to shove us towards chaos
like ndi amahu ihe.

I further urge Cletus Udebuani to resist the urge to proliferate chaos in our town and stop parading, either directly or utilizing surrogates, as the PG of Amichi. Awka will never reverse the mandate it conferred on Udogu. We must employ a step-by-step approach to achieve the Amichi renaissance.

If my suggestions are rejected, please continue your approach and see where we end up.

Let us pray.

Source: HRH Igwe Barr Dr Ofobuike Alphonsus Ezeoke(Eneke Amichi II) – November 2, 2021.

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