See Why Igbos are finding it difficult to produce Nigeria’s president

Engr. Uchenna Okogbuo, the Deputy National Chairman of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) for Southern Nigeria, has urged the people of South East geopolitical zone to embrace the party in order to strengthen it clamors for Nigeria President of Igbo extraction in 2023.

Okogbuo, who spoke in a chat with AMICHI MAGAZINE, in Umuahia, on Saturday, on the backdrop of myriads of agitations by South East leaders to occupy the nation’s presidency.

The APGA chieftain insisted that until the people of the zone realize to integrate themselves in one political front as well as eliminate political sycophancy, our undeterred quest to occupy the Nigeria number one seat (Presidency), would continue to elude the South East geopolitical region.

He said, “We can do better in the South East only when political sycophancy is eliminated from the zone. We must be thinking of how to integrate the entire zone with our own political front, strengthening APGA an existing political platform as was done in the South West zone using AA, AC, ACN to negotiate with ANPP, CPC etc. And we can all see the results of their political calculations today.

“During the time they were working to achieve this, politicians from the South East zone were busy killing themselves in PDP. Same still goes on now. From APC to PDP, PDP to APC looking for where it’s already ripped to harvest. We can do better than that. Let us build our own brand and negotiate with it. We can’t be crying for marginalization everyday and do nothing about it. A rethink is possible, “Okogbuo added.

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