Some Common Habits That Can Cause Serious Damage To Your Kidneys

Kidneys are one of the most important organs in the human body. They help to filter out toxins from your body through urine, produce hormone and do many other improtant works.Sometimes, even common habits can cause damage to your kidneys.

Here are 10 common habits that can cause serious damage to your kidneys over time.

  1. Delaying the Urge to Urinate:
    Delaying urinate is one of the most common bad habits that can damage your kidneys. If you delay urinate the bacteria will stay longer in your bladder and can cause kidney infections.
  2. Not Drinking Enough Water:
    Staying hydrated is important to help the kidneys properly flush out the toxins from your body. The National Health Service in the UK also mentions dehydration as a cause for kidney damage and kidney stones. To keep your kidneys healthy drink a lot of water.
  3. Eating Too Much Meat:
    Eating too much meat can damage your kidneys. So don’t eat too much meat and include vegetable to your diet. Eat foods that keeps your kidneys healthy.
  4. Too Much Alcohol:
    If you drink a lot amount alcohol, the uric acid will be stored in the renal tubules, leading to the tubular obstruction which increases the risk of kidney damage.
  5. Lack of Sleep:
    Defeciency of sleep can cause kidney damage.
  6. Taking too much medication:
    This is another reason that damage kidneys. To keep your kidneys healthy don’t take too much medication, try natural alternative.
  7. Consuming Too Much Salt:
    Sodium mainly makes your kidneys have to work harder.
  8. Smoking Cigarettes:
    Smoking can accelerate loss of kidney functions and worsen existing kidney diseases.

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