Terrible Earth tremor hits Ghana, residents react

Some parts of Ghana on Wednesday experienced Earth tremors.

According to JoyOnline,a Ghanaian newspaper, the earth tremors was experienced in Greater Accra, Central Region, Legon, Osu and their surrounding areas.

This took place at about 10:40 pm Wednesday, June 24, 2020.

It was gathered that the tremor occurred three times in the space of 10 minutes and it recorded a magnitude of 4.0 with a 10.0-kilometre depth.

Some Ghanaians have taken to their Twitter pages to share their experiences.

Here are some comments gathered by AMICHI MAGAZINE:

@SaddickAdams “Who experienced the earth tremor at 10:50 pm? Really shook our building like bad.”

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@AmaKAberese “Wow, the second earth tremor was worse than the first one. Two earth tremors in less than 5 mins. Scary.”

@Ameyaw112 “Everyone around me felt the earth tremor but me.”

@Mutombodapoet “Who felt that earth tremor? Sparked three times.”

@KendraAbedu “Earth Tremor three times in few minutes. Hmmm. Who else experienced it?

@Apt_therapy “I’m at McCarthy hills and this earth tremor scaring me. It’s happening right now as I’m typing. ”

@KwasiBinti “Can someone please press the DELETE BUTTON, so we just delete the year 2020 already. Earth tremor in June in Accra.”

@Kelleevelle “Was it just my house or did the earth just shift! Third one now. Earthquake in Ghana.”

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