Umeorimili Family Lambasts Chiedozie Ezeoke Over Comments On Former Presidential Adviser

A press release signed by the 4 heads of the Umeorimili Ume-Ezeoke Family obtained by our correspondent, shows the family’s rage over the demeaning comments credited to one of their own Chiedozie Geoffrey Ezeoke. The release reads;


We, the members of Umeorimili Family, wish to categorically condemn in totality the statements attributed to Chiedozie Geoffrey Ezeoke against our able Umeorimili Family Chairman, Honourable Chineme Edwin Ume- Ezeoke. We further state that the statements are completely false and part of Chiedozie’s faction claiming to be Umeorimili Family for the sole purpose of engendering hatred, divisiveness, and unhealthy atmosphere in Ezeoke Family for the pittance that they are paid to do so.

We continue to urge the public at large to ignore the ranting of this madman that has offered his soul to the devil by indulging in the destruction of the revered Umeorimili and Ezeoke families because Chiedozie has condemned himself to his oath to not live past the age of 60 years. To further amplify this argument, the picture of Chiedozie will confirm that the man has surrendered his life to madness.

Chiedozie Geoffrey Akajiaku Ezeoke

It is totally the responsibility of parent(s) to raise and educate their children. It is a badge of honour that Late Chief Hon. Edwin Ume-Ezeoke educated Hon. Chineme that led to Hon. Chineme’s prominence in the Nigerian political arena. Late Geoffrey Ezeoke educated Chiedozie and built Chiedozie’s lone edifice in Amichi. Chiedozie studied philosophy in the University of Calabar and was sent to the UK to study Law at the prestigious University of Buckingham, where for reasons best known to Chiedozie was unable to complete his studies. After being deported to Nigeria in 2005, his father finally gave up on Chiedozie and hung his legacy on Chike and Obiefuna. Prior to his death, Akajiaku admonished his children to never fight the throne of his forefathers. Chiedozie’s jealousy towards Igwe Ofobuike overpowered the admonishment of his father. Chiedozie’s insult of the throne has forced him into madness as depicted by his picture above.

It is blasphemous and confirmed insanity for a person born of Ezeoke blood to ever state that Ezenwakenyi sold out ANPP to empower his son with some position in government as if Hon. Chineme was completely unqualified for the position. The statement attempts to diminish the accomplishments of Late Hon. Chief Edwin Ume-Ezeoke (CFR).

Hon. Chief Edwin Ezenwakenyi attained the highest level of political echelon as the Speaker of the Federal House of Representatives, National Assembly. He was once the Chairman of the now defunct ANPP (All Nigeria Peoples Party), and later became the Vice Presidential candidate to General Muhammadu Buhari under ANPP. General Buhari visited Amichi when he sought the face of Ezenwakenyi. President Shagari also visited Amichi on the behest of Ezenwakenyi. Ezenwakenyi invited the former governor of Imo State, His Excellency Ikedi Ohakim with Prof. Maurice Iwu, the former INEC Chairman to Amichi. And also, His Excellency Theodore Orji, Governor of Abia State equally visited Igwe Ofobuike in Amichi too. The presence of Ezenwakenyi in Amichi commanded a lot of respect within Anambra state and Igbo land in general. His death has now introduced the type of denigration and deterioration of the Ezeoke Brand via the methods employed by the likes of Chiedozie, Chukwuemeka Matthew, Afamefuna Luke, Ferdinand Tonna, and Alpho Jr.

For clarity, Ezenwakenyi did not will the position of Special Adviser to the President to Hon. Chineme. Do not forget that Hon. Chineme worked at the Federal House of Representatives for 4 years with the Hon. Awwal Bamanga Tukur, the first son of Alhaji Bamanga Tukur, former MD of Nigerian Ports Authority, former Governor of Gongola state, and former National Chairman of PDP and was conversant with the inner workings of the government. During that period, Hon. Chineme made friends with the House members and charted his own political force.

Feel free to compare the current placeholder of the same position in the current government or immediately after the YarAdua and Goodluck Jonathan’s administrations with the qualifications of Hon. Chineme to hold such position. As soon as the comparison is drawn, it would become immediately clear to anyone that Hon. Chineme was more than qualified for the position he held under the YarAdua and Jonathan administrations.

It is ironically gory for someone who is operating on one leg to call someone who is standing on both his feet an “Ngwolo.” Physically, Hon. Chineme can easily get out of his bed daily and crank his car and go wherever. For Chiedozie to commence his day, he must seek help from others. Notwithstanding the physical aspect, Hon. Chineme is more accomplished than Chiedozie. Hon. Chineme is more educated than Chiedozie; Hon. Chineme

is married with three beautiful children. Chiedozie is single with no blood child of his own. Hon. Chineme is living in a decent house and environment in Abuja. Chiedozie has no home of his own anywhere in the world etc. There is nothing in any arena of life where Chiedozie can ever compete with the person he termed “Ngwolo.” Rather than criticizing everyone, Chiedozie should publish his accomplishments rather than tearing down the accomplishments of others.

Unlike Hon. Chineme, Chiedozie has never in his life been issued any form of appointment letter from any organisation or individual nor has he ever been gainfully employed or productive. His purpose in life has been filled with envy, denigration, and destruction.

Recommendation for Hon. Chineme from Hon. Awwal Bamanga Tukur to the National Assembly management requesting that he be retained after his youth service for his diligence and commitment to his work.

Some letters of commendation to Hon. Chineme from the Presidency

Few people that served with His Excellency, President Goodluck Jonathan received such recommendation. The above recommendation by the President and Commander in Chief of the Federal Republic of Nigeria was supposedly issued to an Ngwolo according to Chiedozie, who has never received a letter of recommendation from his primary school Headmaster to his Secondary School, College of Immaculate Conception Principal, or from any individual or organization.

It is easily observable that Chiedozie’s one leg was amputated. He has no employment. He is a hired executioner paid a monthly One Hundred Thousand Naira to insult Igwe Amichi and to destroy the Ezeoke brand. Chiedozie was promised that if he succeeds in overthrowing Igwe Amichi, that he would be paid Fifty Million Naira. This is the reason why Chiedozie is waving his amputated pen in using every outlet to insult any member of Ezeoke family who dares to challenge him at any time. He is paid to use his amputated cellphone to insult and denigrate anyone who calls him out about his callous indiscretions. He was suspended by Umeorimili Family. He was also suspended by Ezeoke Family. He voluntarily removed himself from Obiagu Village. He is ostracized by even the family of Akajiaku. Yet, he continues his destructive activities while hoping that his paymasters would increase his monthly pittance. Chiedozie is a failed man who stated five years ago that he knew he would die before he reaches the age of 60. He is now 60, and still a drunkard with amputated leg, and with a heart condition. Chiedozie knows that his days are numbered, and wants to take the whole Ezeoke family down with him. His destructive writings have failed him. Now, he is looking for fresh targets since his insults against Igwe Amichi garnered no traction.

As Chiedozie stated in his insulting publications, Chiedozie is the third son of Late Sir Geoffrey Akajiaku Ezeoke – the former Accountant General of old Anambra State. Chiedozie was sent to further his education in Britain before he was banished from the country and returned to Nigeria in 2005. Since his return from Britain, Chiedozie has accomplished:


Chiedozie was amputated while he was arguing with his Kalagbari girlfriend who was another man’s wife. The woman poured hot water on Chiedozie’s leg that led to the decay of the leg due to diabetes which eventually led to amputation. Chiedozie’s first son Obinna, who is serving two life terms of 40 years imprisonment in Britain is not Chiedozie’s son. Obinna is the mkpuke child of his ex-wife Juri. Chiedozie was a truck driver in Britain who helped people moves their properties from house to house. Chiedozie was unable to earn a living. His ex- wife finally divorced him for his reckless drunkard life. As soon as Chiedozie arrived in Nigeria, he continued his drinking binge until he settled himself with another man’s wife that he claimed to be his. Chiedozie has no wife and no children of his own blood. He has no house; he has no income, he has no girlfriend, he looks like a complete madman. All Chiedozie does from the time he wakes up until he goes to bed is to scavenge the social media to seek any negative publication that he can generate against Igwe Ofobuike Ezeoke or anyone who dares to challenge his false claims.

Chiedozie’s father, Sir Geoffrey Akajiaku Ezeoke left a house in Enugu. Chiedozie sold the house and bought himself a Peugeot 604 and a Land Rover. He used the vehicles and the rest of the proceeds of the sale of his father’s Enugu house to chase women and drink beer. Chiedozie was drinking beers at about 50 bottles of beer per day. He was drinking himself into stinking stupor.

When Chiedozie squandered the proceeds from the Enugu sale, he quickly went to his brother Obiefuna in Lagos and started harassing him. Eventually due to Chiedozie’s inability to maintain the vehicles, he sold them

to enable him sustain his drinking habit. After selling all his father’s properties he could lay his hands on, he decided to hang his hat on the Kalagbari woman who was operating a mama-put in Port Harcourt. That relationship led to his leg amputation.

The sale of Sir Geoffrey Akajiaku Ezeoke’s property by Chiedozie caused the Head of Akajiaku’s family, Engr. Nnaemeka Chike Geoffrey Akajiaku Ezeoke to file a lawsuit against Chiedozie at the Nnewi High Court to recover Late Chike Geoffrey Ezeoke’s properties that Chiedozie sold to support his beer drinking binges.

Chiedozie singlehandedly squandered the inheritance of his late brother Engr. Chike’s children to support his drunkenness and reckless lifestyle. Chiedozie was a burden to his father Sir Geoffrey Akajiaku and continued to be Akajiaku’s headache until the death of Akajiaku. Akajiaku disowned Chiedozie before he left this world. Akajiaku cursed Chiedozie before his death. Chiedozie was condemned by his father in 2004.

Chiedozie then turned to his late brother Engr. Chike Geoffrey Akajiaku Ezeoke. Engr. Chike spent a lot of money trying to stabilize Chiedozie when Chiedozie abandoned his family in London and escaped to Nigeria. Engr. Chike bought two tipper trucks for Chiedozie using his house in Port Harcourt as collateral. As soon as Engr. Chike died, Chiedozie sold the two tipper trucks that Engr. Chike colaterized, and used the proceeds again to drink himself into stupor. Chiedozie has sold some of his father Sir Geoffrey’s properties. He has deprived Engr. Chike’s children of their inheritance. It was through hard work and determination that Engr. Nnaemeka Ezeoke, Engr. Chike’s first son, was able to secure the retrieval of his father’s house in Port Harcourt that colaterized Chiedozie’s tipper trucks.

When Engr. Chike died, Chiedozie falsely believed that he had no reason to reimburse Engr. Chike’s family for the tipper trucks. Engr. Nnaemeka severally sought the intervention of Umeorimili and Ezeoke family to stop Chiedozie from dispossessing Engr. Nnaemeka of his father’s inheritance. Chiedozie continued until Engr. Nnaemeka and the children of Engr. Chike brought a lawsuit against Chiedozie in Nnewi High Court to force him to stop disposing of Engr. Nnaemeka’s inheritance to support his continuing drunkenness.

Insurance documents for the tipper trucks Chiedozie sold. It is still a mystery how he sold the trucks when the original documents were with the bank

Whenever Umeorimili Family requested that Igwe Amichi must respond to Chiedozie’s writings, Igwe would always state that it is a complete waste of time to respond to such falsities because Chiedozie is desperately trying to raise Igwe’s ire. Attacking our Chairman is an entirely different ball game. We as members of Umeorimili Family must defend our Chairman from these recklessness and nonsensicality.

As always, the lies about Hon. Chineme’s mother require response. Igwe Amichi had always stated that mothers, wives, and children should not be part of any insults because they are innocent of the foolishness of Our Erring Cousins. The attack on Hon. Chineme’s mother is secreted as a defense of her. There has never been any issue between Hon. Chineme and his mother. When Hon. Chineme’s mother injured her hips, she stayed

downstairs in the main house because she could not climb the stairs. Placing her in the Boy’s Quarters is a new lie perpetrated by Chiedozie as he always does. Hon. Chineme, his mother, wife, and children, and grandchildren of Ezenwakenyi reside in the main house in Abuja and no other. The Boy’s Quarters is where the house helpers stay. Any other statement from Chiedozie is false and made without caring about the truth of the matter.

There was never at any time that Hon. Chineme used his father’s house as collateral. All of Ezenwakenyi’s properties are intact, unlike Akajiaku’s properties that were sold by Chiedozie. Other than the wild accusations by Chiedozie, all of Ezenwakenyi’s properties are intact and remain with the family. Not one has been sold. Not one has been possessed by a third party. Chiedozie has no property, not one! He has no children. He has no house since he started his rampage to destroy the Ezeoke brand and the Throne of our forefathers. All embarrassments lie under the unamputated leg of Chiedozie.

To refer to a government recognized Traditional Ruler as “former Igwe” is an insult to Chiedozie. Chiedozie and his conspirators in crowning Mr. Afamefuna Luke Ume-Ezeoke (a pretender), is an insult directed at our ancestors, and our ancestors will give the proper response at the appropriate time and place. Chiedozie and his cohorts must wait for their devastating judgment. No one will tamper with Amichi throne and get away with it. All the curses laid out to the pretender, Afamefuna Luke, and anyone who participated in the sacrilege will reap the fruits of their involvement.

No one can ever state that he has ever met or seen Igwe Ofobuike at any cult gathering. No native doctor or dibia will ever testify that Igwe Ofobuike has ever employed him or her to install any Arusi for him. You can visit the Palace of Igwe Amichi and you will never see any semblance of Arusi except the grotto of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

At no time did Igwe’s father and Ezenwakenyi have the “Matchet fight” as claimed in Chiedozie’s text. There is no place or in any book where Umeorimili stated that his 14 sons shall live in and around the Obi. Every building inside the Obi that was not erected by Ezeoke, Umeorimili, Alphonsus or Ofobuike, are just tenants who are at the mercy of the Igwe. No one inherits a house inside a palace. Members of Orizu family were living inside Igwe Orizu palace, but all of them have vacated the palace in the most recent times. Somehow our erring cousins living inside the palace in Amichi believe that it is their inheritance. No court will ever award them such remedy.

Umeorimili Logbook is just his daily journal and not a will. He recorded his meetings, etc. The lack of insight of our Erring Cousins is alarming. In 2010, Igwe Ofobuike produced Umeorimili Logbook for everyone to see. Because the Logbook was disintegrating, Ezenwakenyi instructed Igwe Ofobuike to laminate the Logbook in America. Igwe Ofobuike is in possession of the Logbook and asked everyone to inspect it. No one showed up. Yet, our erring cousins continue to harp on about the Logbook every time. Igwe Ofobuike is ready to give anyone the Logbook for viewing and inspection.

We spoke with Igwe regarding the suit filed by him against Umeorimili Family in 1981, and the withdrawal of the same suit due to the urging of Okeke Police as alleged by Chiedozie. Igwe responded that when he realized in 1988 that such suit was initiated under his name, he requested the withdrawal of the suit in 1988 to seek peace with his uncles. Igwe and his uncles had relative peace until the new eruption from Our Irresponsible Erring Cousins who sold their birthright. He married nwa Okeke Police in 1994. There is no connection

between the withdrawal of the suit and Okeke Police. Chiedozie is sitting in his room in Port Harcourt and just writing deliberate lies about everyone in Ezeoke family who even dare to advise him to stop his defeatist failed assault on the Ezeoke Brand. Everyone is now numb to his nonsensicalness. Too much of anything is bad! Too much of Chiedozie’s attacks on his cousins in the public forum is becoming tiring and uninspiring. No one reads his insults anymore because everyone now knows that he only insults members of his family and is willing to live with the consequences. He wants to drag the entire Ezeoke family to the mud. He believes that no member of Ezeoke family came to his rescue when he was decaying in Port Harcourt. Chiedozie forgot that Chief Mojo Ezeoke convinced Chief Mark Oruche to pay for Chiedozie’s medical treatments and the amputation of his leg. Till date, Chiedozie has refused to even send a thank you note to Chief Mark Oruche. Rather than thank Chief Mark Oruche for his philanthropic gesture, Chiedozie decided to pitch his tent with the enemies of the throne for a promise (Promise, mind you, and not actual cash) to pay him #50,000,000.

Again, a person who has an amputated leg is calling someone walking on his two feet “Ngwolo.” Isn’t that the irony of all ironies? All these insults because of the family publication in response to all the false accusations by Chiedozie against Igwe Amichi? Chiedozie was hired to assassinate the character of anyone who dared to support the throne or to support Ezeoke family. Everyone is to shut up so that Chiedozie can complete his assault on the Ezeoke brand. We, as members of Umeorimili family, and excluding the Five Erring Irresponsible Cousins, continue to stand solidly behind His Royal Highness, Igwe Dr. Barrister/Attorney Alphonsus Ofobuike Ezeoke, Esq, as our Igwe and no other person. Whatever or however you label Igwe Ofobuike, we will continue to support him until the day he takes his last breath. Chiedozie, Afamefuna, Ugochukwu, Alpho Jr and Chukwuemeka, enjoyed the benevolence of Igwe Ofobuike more than any of the younger generations in Ezeoke family. Igwe Ofobuike asked Chiedozie and the rest of our Erring Cousins to name one negative thing he did to any of them to cause their fatal anger towards Igwe. Every one of our Erring Cousins kept silent. It is therefore irresponsible to visit Amichi social media forum to declare that Igwe Ofobuike is a terrible human being. This is the same Igwe Amichi that sent most of Our Erring Cousins to America, placed them on salary, paid for their wives’ dowries and weddings. Now, you want to convince us that he is a bad man because Our Erring Cousins volunteered to run with the enemies of Ezeoke Family? No one should ever feel sorry for them. They are the Judases of our generation. Their betrayal of Igwe Amichi will be forever remembered in the annals of the history of this town. To make it worse, Chiedozie is dragging the family into the mud.

It is pertinent to note here, there are only 49 plots in Agbo Anakpa and not 69 as alleged by Chiedozie. His calculations are always deliberately wrong in order to spur fake sentiments to his fallacies. Our fathers informed all of us during Umeorimili Family meeting in 2004 that all of Umeorimili’s properties must be shared na nne na nne! In the minutes of the meeting held in 1977, Ezeoke Family as a whole stated in the minutes that there shall be a 1/3 set aside for the person living in Obi or Nwa Diokpala. Then the rest of the 2/3 will be divided among the seven families for which the Diokpala will receive his own share na nne na nne. That is the sharing formula in Amichi and the rest of Igbo land. That is the sharing formula as stated in Umeorimili Family Bylaw. Igwe has stated that he will be willing to assign his shares to any family member that requires more land or any of our younger unborn ones that may need one plot or so in the future. We implore anyone to do the calculation of this sharing formula on 49 plots of land and tell us that we are wrong! Everything that involves Igwe Ofobuike is wrong in the eyes of Chiedozie and Our Erring Cousins.

Hon. Chineme Ume-Ezeoke has no health issues. We all get sick from time to time. That has nothing to do with the Catholic Diocese of Nnewi that decided to steal our landed inheritance in broad day light. We intend to fight the Church to the Supreme Court, if need be. There will never come a time that we the members of Umeorimili

family will ever surrender our inheritance to the Catholic Diocese of Nnewi or any other Church without some form of negotiation. Chiedozie is completely unaware of the underlying claim of the Catholic Diocese of Nnewi. The Catholic Diocese of Nnewi is claiming that Ugilinze land belongs to Nnewi people of Okonkwo, Okeke, and Mbadugha families. The Catholic Diocese of Nnewi is further claiming that the Church acquired the title to the land from Nnewi people. It is not about the Catholic Diocese of Nnewi, it is about Nnewi people entering Ugilinze land and claiming that it belongs to them and that they are assigning our inheritance to the Church. No sickness shall befall any member of Umeorimili family for challenging the landgrabber Catholic Diocese of Nnewi that is under the leadership of Bishop Jonas Okeke. Rather, sickness shall befall anyone who enters Umeorimili land by force and dares us to challenge him/her, regardless of the claim of that individual or his status. We as members of Umeorimili family urged Igwe Ofobuike to initiate the suit against the Catholic Diocese of Nnewi. No one should ever believe that Igwe Amichi is a troublemaker. Igwe Amichi is defending our inheritance as agreed by our parents under their signatures. If Igwe Amichi withdraws from all these suits regarding Ugilinze land, we as full members of Umeorimili family will take over the suits.

Chiedozie, shame on you! In 2016 you refused to allow the Catholic Diocese of Nnewi to build a school at Agbo Mmili. Your anger was that the Catholic Diocese of Nnewi should not use God as an excuse to deprive Umeorimili family of its inheritance. You further refused for Igwe to give the land to the church. NOW, you have flipped and believe foolishly that the Catholic Diocese of Nnewi has the spiritual power to wrestle our inheritance from us. Your belief has flipped just to deprive us of our inheritance. There is no way we will allow the Catholic Diocese of Nnewi to take our land by force. They can bring whatever spirit they wish. The spirit of our Ndi Ichie and Ugilinze deity will defend the land. God is not partial!

Hon. Chineme is effectively managing his properties. He is a political advisor whose political knowledge is sought by all politicians. He is currently the local content partner to V-Tec International Limited, a German- Nigerian company. He received the highest recommendation from His Excellency, President Goodluck Jonathan for his service to Nigeria. He was the PA to the Chairman of ANPP and also worked in the National Assembly for some years. He was the Special Adviser to the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria on Relations with Civil Society.

During this short period that he has been the Chairman of Umeorimili Family, we have come to know Hon. Chineme as a very intelligent, thoughtful, calculating, devoted, and well-connected individual. Chiedozie will never know the people that Hon. Chineme knows in Nigeria. Hon. Chineme is a person that Chiedozie needs; not a person he should ever criticize. When we, Umeorimili family, insisted that Hon. Chineme should respond to Chiedozie, Hon. Chineme simply responded as follows “I will not denigrate the unique relationship between Sir Geoffrey Akajiaku Ezeoke and his younger brother, my late father, which was legendary and worthy of emulation, no matter the provocation from Chiedozie”.

Chiedozie must remove himself from the alliances he formed with dubious characters and seek the face of God. Chiedozie is an atheist. He does not believe in God. He always professed that Christianity is fraud. Chiedozie has no house except the one that his late father Geoffrey built for him in Amichi. That bungalow is in dilapidated state and decaying like his inner body. Chiedozie has accomplished nothing in his life and only makes a living currently by insulting Igwe Ofobuike and anyone who dares to defend the Igwe or the throne. Chiedozie is a colossal failure. He is a mad man who makes noise and seems to have spiritual torments in his life. No one from Umeorimili family wishes to join you in your hatred quest against Igwe Ofobuike.

Lastly, we will not remember you in our prayers. You must face your maker for the sacrilegious acts you have committed against the Umeorimili and Ezeoke brand. May God have pity on you!

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