UNBELIEVABLE! Check Out The Culture Of Waist Beads In Nigeria & What It Signifies

There are different kind of beads that can be worn to any occasion like the gold beads, pearl beads, glass beads, cylinder bead, seed beads, vinyl beads, coral beads, camel bone beads, glass beads, transparent beads, faceted beads and many more.They derive beads from bone, metal, resin, bead tree, wood, clay, paper, and other materials.

Beads are often worn while expressing art like in the case of the Kalakuta queens at Fela’s shrine who are often adorned in colourful beads while performing on stage. Beads can be in form of an anklet, bracelet, waist chain, necklace, rings, earrings, buttons on a shirt, on the cover of a book or tablecloth.

Waist beads are called mgbaji in Igbo, jigida in Hausa and bebedi in the Yoruba language. Waist beads colour have different meanings like white signifies purity or light, blue means loyalty, red connotes confidence, orange means courage, yellow represents energy, pink means beauty, gold connotes power, black represents power, purple means royalty and green connotes fertility and prosperity while turquoise means self-awareness.

Beads are often adorned by royals, tribalists, musicians, women, men and children alike. Beads are unique because of the size, texture and the length which can be worn by anyone. A fashion trend widely spread in Africa and some foreign countries are beads as accessories.

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Beads are no longer restricted to parties and outdoor events but can be worn as a workpiece. The design and texture of beads as evolved with the time that is why currently there are various kinds of beads for every occasion.

They are also used for religious purposes like the rosary beads used for prayer by the Catholics, coral beads worn by royals or the beads worn by priests during their ceremonies.

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