What you don’t know or never heard about Amichi

It was on January 13, 1970 that the duo of Nigerian and Biafran forces assembled at Amichi town, the home of late chief Benjamin Obijiofor Atuchukwu, in Nnewi South Local Government Area of Anambra State, to sign a peace accord which marked the end of the civil war. On that day, the then Col. Olusegun Obasanjo led the Nigerian side, while Col. Philip Effiong led the Biafran side, among other officers and men. And peace returned to Nigeria.

The policy of ‘no victor no vanquished’ announced by the then Head of State, Gen.Yakubu Gowan, has been an issue that has remained a matter of contention since the war ended in 1970. Observers still contend that the unity of the country has remained a fluke; hence the no victor no vanquished policy was a mere paper work.

As great uncertainty, confusion and fear of the unknown lay over the face of the fallen sun on January 13, 1970, Amichi (sounds like amici, in Latin, meaning friend) played a great friendly role by hosting a great historical event which has left its name imprinted in the Nigerian political history.

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